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Wednesday again!

So I went with the kiddies to buy text books. Linds ended up with $700+ in textbooks.

I paid for my text books. Luckily I only had to get two, for about $230… ah engineering how I will not miss this particular part about you.

I got a text mid astrozombies. Fernando is having a party this weekend for the leaving. I am prepared to cry. A lot… It could get ugly.

And since it is Wednesday: The haul!

Action Comics #890

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #1

Justice League: Generation Lost #7

Superman #702

Birds of Prey TB: Dead of Winter

I am pretty excited. I also have fallen in sort of love with The Authority. I think I should probably discuss that though when I have a boring day of boringness. Because my life is actually kind of boring.


Oh Sinestro

Aug. 7th, 2010 10:57 pm
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So today was a big NOTHING DAY.

So I shall regale myself with tumblr and background things.

I have started to like tumblr and I am considering getting one, but I am not sure if I could maintain it with the ferocious dedication that some people do. Which is why I have reservations about it. But at the same time, I think it would be fun. We’ll see. I have to maintain this sort of well for a while first I think.

Onto the background, I have decided I need a new one. So therefore I have decided to use Sinestro’s speech during GL:Sinestro Corps:

“I have been to every corner of the every sector of the universe and I have learned one thing.

The Universe needs change.

We live in a place rotting with hedonism and chaos. A place untamed and morally devoid. A place of darkness.

When I was inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, I believed I had finally escaped the darkness. I worked hard to validate the power ring’s selection.

I tore my home planet Korugar free from sin.

I brought order and vowed to do the same for the rest of sector 1417… And then, with the Corps’ support, the rest of the universe.

For a time the Guardians even called me the “Greatest” of the Green Lanterns.

Until an Earthman I trained took everything from me.

Hal Jordan called mea fascist for the order I bestowed upon Korugar.

I was stripped of my ring.

Labeled the first renegade of the Green Lantern Corps, I was banished into the underbelly of the universe, the antimatter universe…

…And delivered back into darkness.

For the first time in my life—

--I felt Fear.

And I was blinded by its brilliance.

I believed fear to part of the chaos I abhor, but it was more controlling that all the willpower in the universe.

And it would be Mine.

You will be mine alley rat.

And the Universe…

The Universe will change.”

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It’s been since February since I last updated.
The basics of the last 6ish months:
I Graduated from College Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
I am attending Grad School at UNM, working with my Fluids Professor on Shock Tubes.
We built a freaking awesome Wheelchair for Design V.
I became obsessed with DC Comics.
Angel Died.

The specifics in detail under the cuts, like last time I did a recap of my life.

The Months... )

The Classes... )

The People... )

The VICES, Saving Graces, and Other Simple Pleasures... )

So yeah, now I'm all caught up. See if we can do a better job huh?

Will Figure out to do with this spot later....


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