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Okay so today is pretty much the worst day ever, and the best day ever, But mostly the worst.

I lost my wallet today on my way to thermo. Lost it. And this meant I spent all of thermo hyperventilating and about to cry. I got home and it wasn’t there and so everything got cancelled, credit cards and everything. I paid 44.70 for a new drivers license and just… yeah it was bad. But then I got a message on facebook from someone who had found my wallet :D

I got to campus and everything was still there except for 2 bucks and I was okay with that loss. But that was 44 bucks gone and never to return. Oh well.

Today is my parents anniversary. Yay, though apparently their anniversary is totally cursed. I probably didn’t help this year.

I also do not have class on Friday except for seminar. YAY.

Went to astrozombies today after picking up my beloved wallet.

Action Comics #892

Batman #702

Detective Comics #868

Gotham City Sirens #15

Green Arrow #3

Justice League of America #48

Justice League: Generation Lost #8

Legion of Super-Heroes #4

Superman/Batman #75


Money Spent on Comic Books = $28

(for now, this creepy counter will do...)

out we go

Aug. 13th, 2010 08:38 pm
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So I am getting ready to surrender my computer to the rents so short post before I go off and play with Fernando.

I met Jason for lunch today. Ended up being a three hour affair. But he’s my Jason and I love him.

Unfortunately, this meant that I also got to think about comicbooks on my way home. Which meant that I totally lost control.

I now have all of brightest day except two JLA issues. I am so screwed.

No really, this will end badly and brokenly for me.

So time to surrender. Fernando talks tomorrow.



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