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So i am stressed about my precalc exam tomorrow. I think i'll be fine but i am really nervous. What helped was the not having of ME this week like at all. We turned in our project on monday and then left so that was about 10 minutes and then todays lab was canceled and i don't have lecture tomorrow. It helps a little bit i think. I got X-3 and none of the deleated scenes or the alternate endings tell me about pyro status... i am angry and really nervous for the poor boy... man... whatever. I'm being creative and shiny again and have made another comm... this could be of the bad. Anyway i'm working on makeing that pretty and am right now trying to de-stress from the pre-calc studying and fear of failure, which is worse then death. I hope to pass and do well. I'm going to play the check work times ten thing. this could be bad. thats all i've got for my stress addled mind.
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I kinda feel like a pedophile... Not because i like someone underage but because the picture i saw of Aaron Stanford, he looked about 15 and my reaction was "**blink** How Cute!" of course he was closer to 30 then to 15 in that movie but still, he looked way way way way to young. It was upsetting... but in a good way. Moving one to... never mind lets just skip x-men this time except for the customary I love Pyro and Iceman. 
Kingdom hearts has given me Carpral tunnel or however in the nine circles of hell you spell it. My left arm is only working because i asked it to nicely and promised it that we were going to sleep soon. It isn't compleatly convinced, but good enough.
The good news is the end is in sight. The bad news is that by "in sight" i mean me playing for about another 10 hours... maybe 20. I am not sure if i am up for that yet so i'm going to try not to play tomorrow. Also i know that will piss off my arm.
Because i can't avoid the subject, i've decided that i want to be famous enough where people create stalkerish fan sites for me with those tiny little 20X20 pics with the word fan on them. Why? because i think it would be weird to look yourself up on the internet. **shrugs** I'm simple.
I have passed 100 entries onto this lj, something that has never ever ever happened in the history of me. My journals have skill if they make it to 10 entries. Go me!
Thats all i am sleepy
PS: Creativity is waking up again. God only knows something may happen.
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Okay so the only things i have to report are non sensicle and short because a very warm cozy bed and past experience is telling me to go to bed before Google starts talking to me... Not listening, not listening.

What have I done You ask? Well i finally got all the worlds (minus the Hollow whatever, can't spell now) in Kingdom Hearts... I think my finger is bruised and i am going to have carpral tunnel. Oh well... That just means i'll type with my toung or something. My characters are leveling up at the slowest pace, i didn't know it could take so long to level up. Oh well. at least they are getting stronger... slowly... **snarls at whoever thought it was a good idea to increase experience points between levels at huge gaps**.

In other news, i am not looking at google for the rest of tonight. Why? Because i read something that told me to look at a picture from Spin magazine with Aaron Stanford and Shawn Ashmore (that would be Pyro and Iceman). Since i am very easily convinced at late hours i clicked on the link, which was of course broken. So i used google. I eventually found the pic ( incase you are all wondering. I then proceeded to look around on the site... and the fun never ended. Who would have thought that my kidding about Bobby walking out of an A&F ad would be accurate... maybe i am just slow or something but i never knew this until... about midnight tonight...But then my neck started tingling and i wanted to look up Aaron Stanford but it is now... 12:51 and i need sleep in the near future... so that plan is on hold for tomorrow...

Anyway i am very tired and it's hard to ignore google while there is a lovely bar just waiting to be used at the top of my page. 



Ps: Love Pyro and Iceman... And Aaron Stanford and Shawn Ashmore... I wonder if they google themselves... I hope they don't read my lj, that would be really weird and very upsetting to my personal chi.

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I've been listening to far to much music. I have been playing far to much Kingdom Heart. I am going to die of brain cell detioration or someting. Oh well could be worse... i hope i didn't just Jinx myself. The good news is there is nothing else for me to really obsess about coming out this summer. The bad news is i'll get to be obsessed with Pyro and Iceman and X-men all summer. Meh that's okay.
I really have got nothing to say. I need to sleep. Dentist stuff tomorrow... I get to drive myself. Joy.
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I got nothing to say once again. Today was alot like yesterday except I didn't watch over 6 hours of x-men. I did however play several hours of Kingdom Hearts. My characters are taking forever to get stronger and i don't get cheat codes so i choose to simply play and get depressed the longer i maintain my not leveling up ness. It is rather very sad. I still love x-men. Seeing x3 again only made me covinced that... well the post from last bit ago and stuff. Lets just say it convinced me even further then i was convinced before. Tomorrow i get to spend another morning alone while my sis goes to summer school PE and my parents go to work leaving my with psyco, skitzo and crazy. (Also known as my three dogs) My puppy just got spayed on friday and is being fed tranqs.... they are not working as well as they once did and she needs 24-hour survailence, or at least company to stop her when she tries to remove her stiches... ah, dogs.
I love pyro and iceman and this is a problem which i will deal with in the morning... If leveling up doesn't take an age.
PSSS: Uber list is being updated... Freaks me out.
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I saw x-men again today. It was very exciting. I was very happy. I also watched x1 and x2. I love x-men... It's getting worse isn't it. 
The good news.. words are coming from this... lifestyle... is it a lifestyle now?
Bad news... It has become a lifestyle.
I've once again been playing Kingdom Hearts and plan to play more tomorrow. I hopefully will remember to keep with this whole updating thing... otherwise i'll just leave it and never update and turn into a bad person.
PS: Pyro is my muse.
PSS: iceman comes in second
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I can't stop playing Kingdom Hearts... It's like FFVIII except i can be lazy and lean back on my couch when I play. It is evil and i can't stop... And when i do stop all I can think about is X-men... I need a hobby or at least a less... intense one... Or expensive because in all techinicality, manga collecting is a hobby. I mean if people can say collection coins, rock and chewed peices of gum is a hobby, then manga collecting is.
I've become very focused because i have that horrible fear that my characters aren't getting strong enough quickly. (I blame strategy guides {especially FFVIII because in the first boss fight [Ifrit], Squall is at almost 600 hp in the itty bitty picture, which means he's at level +10, which means you have to kill a hell of alot of little buggy things. By the second battle squall is almost 1000, which means another 10 levels... That is several hours of gameplay killing little bugs and my squall was always really really weak.})
And way It is Daniels B-Day, so happy 18th, you beat me to it. I'm sleepy and i get to see X-3 tomorrow.
PS: You guessed it, I still love Pyro.
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hello everyone.
I'm sleepy but that is okay. I once again did nothing today. it was fun. I spent alot of time on YouTube... the site is evil, run away. 
I really have nothing to say, i'm just trying to get back into the whole updating semi-frequently because before it was every two weeks. I would say more but i really am very very tired and i will talk to you all later. The x-men offer is open until x-men leaves the dollar theater... literally.
(on a side note i leanered that i own over 94 manga series today... that was upsetting... I think i need 100 though.)
PS: I still love Pyro
PSS: tonight i delve into the workings of mankind... joy
PSSS: i got a whole nother chapter into Anita Blake... Yay only 8 books minus 5 chapters left.
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So i once again have not updated in two weeks. I really have no idea if summer will help or hurt my updating skills. last summer i updated i think... four times? it was not a pretty sight. Hopefully I will do better. So I am going to tell of my summer thus far... It was a bunch of nothing... It was glorious...
Okay so i went on vacation but there wasn't much to do in Pagosa so we came back early. 
I've also been reading Anita Blake again... I did this last year as you may recall but got distracted in the middle of the fourth book (i think it was the Illiad) and never picked it up again. So I decided to start up again. Why? Well there are many reasons, on being that the hardcover copy of Incubus Dreams has been glaring at me from the foot of my bed. Another reason is that Micah, the next "book" in the series came out. I don't think it should really count. It's shorter, the only book with a male on the cover and the only book with a characters name in the title. Not to mention that there is a funky border thing around all the text. It's rather irritating. The final reason is that the next book ( real one) is coming out on my birthday (June 27th) and that is less then 25 days away. I still have to read Circus of the Damned(a whole 2 chapters in, i'm doing good), Burnt Offerings, Blue Moon, Obsidean Butterfly, Narcissus in Chains, Cerulean Sins, Incubus Dreams, and Micah to read.
I saw X-men on saturday... It was glorious... i cried... I made an icon of my favorite scene (Pyro vs Iceman)... I bought the novelization. I can't say much here so i cut for spoilers so that way i don't ruin it for you all.

Under the cut was really long... whoops. Oh well. Read it after you've seen x-men.
i've been playing PS2 and hope to go see x-men again. you are all welcome to join me if you want. 
PS: Go see X-men and keep it top at the box office
PSS: i'm going to get my whole manga list and count up soon, be prepared to be scared.
PSSS: does anyone know if there is going to be an x3 comic book?
PSSSS: Happy summer.
PSSSSS: i'll really try to keep this updated, really.
PSSSSSS:Forgot to mention, I graduated...It still hasn't sunk in
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Sorry i haven't updated recently. I suck a whole way lot... BUT I HAVE EXCITING NEWS!!!
1.) X-3 Has an official Website and a "announcement Trailer" I Shrieked. PYRO! returns with new hair and clothes... YAY!!!

That's all i really have to say now i have to go dance around the living room... YAY!


Ps: Trying to convince my parents that the (red) golden retriever puppy should be named Pyro or Mayhem... really want pyro... wonder whose soul i'll have to sell...


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