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Happy Birthday Adam Lambert!

Dusty mentioned it. It’s in my brain until I DIE or find something to overwrite that data.

So today (in my actual classes) was pretty dull. We went over the homework in controls, and then I worked on the outline some more in stats. In dynamics I worked on the outline (mostly finished the basics of it too I think) and started trying to brainstorm how I wanted to do the chapters and things. Overall, class wise, very dull.

Non class wise? Not so much. I show up to stats, ready to comfort and hug the living hell out of Dusty and she says something along the lines of “so I thought today was going to be a total fail and then guess who I saw?” Yep DOPPLEGANGER! Apparently Doppleganger is in the classroom across the hall from during stats. This pretty much made my week (and after my epic win of 5000 words on Tuesday, pretty damn impressive). I caught a glimpse of him when we left and it made me joyously happy. Looks like someone is in the running once again for Epic Thing of the Year.

I also managed to buy pretty much my body weight in snack food. Yay for getting ready for the superbowl. I also got complimented for my hair to quote: “I walked past you earlier and I had to do a double check because your hair is simply the most gorgeous color I have ever seen”. Yeah feel pretty special. I also got told not to let the boys shove me out of engineering by a nice man in the parking lot of McDonalds. Then I came home, and Lindsay and I went on an epic quest to Petco, Petsmart and Best Buy. I now have Movie 4 and Mystery Case Files. I am pretty stoked.

I also went and played with Dusty today. We ate with her dad while we watched The Bourne Identity, which is still epic and awesome. We then dropped something off with her mother and then went to Target to buy her makeup. And then we went to village inn and had some of that awesome pie stuff. Srsly delish. During this whole thing we talked about the downfallrpg and decided that we should rewrite it. It’s going to be pretty epic

I also told her about my conversation with Fernando about the presence of robot dragons that transform in my potentially really really long fanfiction. I say that I feel like I should work it in as some sort of homage, maybe in a dream or something. She replies with “work it in after the mansex and then give it to him and be like ‘hey, you wanted transforming robot dragons’.” I am half tempted to do so, but maybe not give it to him, as I still want him to be you know… alive and undamaged.

Only downer part of my night was being taken out by Holly. Luckily I didn’t resprain my ankle. I just bruised my entire left side. And luckily she went “OH FOOD ON THE FLOOR” and not “OH NYSSA ON THE FLOOR”.


Reading: Dead Until Dark
Book count: 2 == 2%
Wordcount = 6500/10000 == 65.00%
Quote of the day: “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”~Friedrich Nietzsche
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I haven’t touched the fic. I am kind of proud of myself but it is calling to me like a freaking siren and I am trying to not listen. I reread it anyway and discovered that the finger cramps seriously impeded my ability to type words that I meant to type.

Also, sometimes, my sentences get weird late at night or when I am typing for speed rather than coherency.
Today was a lot of working on design for manufacturability. I got it sent off though to Mike’s capable hands and it shall be totally out of my domain tomorrow, which is nice and awesome.

I also finished Searching for Dragons during Dusty’s econ class. I started up Dead Until Dark again. Which I like a lot, and I don’t want to kill our hero chick thingy. Weird right?

Anyway, Dusty is still nuts about Adam Lambert. I am kind of still mostly apathetic, but I understand the appeal. It doesn’t help that his music sneaks up on me in the dark and gets stuck in my head to the point that only repeated blasts of Disturbed will rescue me.

He is very Sparkly though. Like… srsly. Also, now have For Your Entertainment stuck in my head. Looks like it is time for some more INDESTRUCTABLE.


Reading: Dead Until Dark
Book count: 2 == 2%
Wordcount = 6497/10000 == 64.97%
Quote of the day: “Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.”~William Shakespeare
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So now I have a group for design v.

Carrie, Asha, Dita, Taylor, Jim and Geno. And I like them, so yay! Now we just have to come up with ideas. First group meeting Sunday at 3. Better not forget or anything because that would just be sad. 10 hrs a week… groan.

There was no design for manufacturability today, so I went to go see if my notes for Starr were done printing, but they weren’t, and neither were Carrie’s so we ate lunch, wandered the book store and then finally picked up out notes. I bought two things of graph paper at the bookstore, but they are awesome, you have no idea.
Dusty wants to go shopping again tomorrow, this time to feed her addiction to Adam Lambert. I say ‘…okay…?’ I am slightly curious if this is what everyone else feels like when I fall off a cliff into obsession. It’s kind of awesome not to be the one falling off of a cliff for once. I think it is because my fandom keeps me happy, with my 40 tabs open and things. But I do wonder if I am crazier at times. I know that it’s only been Merlin that I have really shared with her since well… for a long time now that I think about it.

Anyway we are on a quest for Adam Lambert posters. I have seen the Rolling Stone cover one and I just skipped past it because its Adam Lambert and while I like his music in a OH GOD NO NOT ON REPEAT kind of way, I do know what he looks like. I watch E!News afterall. I listened to the radio the morning after he won. I was just never… wowed by American Idol. Though he keeps showing up on the journals of the people I stalk on the internets. So I do know who he is, know about his epic bromance (though no where near as epic as Bradley James and Colin Morgan’s) and all that jazz. I just… I feel like I missed it. I don’t know.


Reading: Good Omens
Book count: 1 == 1%
Wordcount = 1491/10000 == 14.91%
Quote of the day: “Prohibit the taking of omens, and do away with superstitious doubts. Then, until death itself comes, no calamity need be feared.”~ Sun Tzu
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So I decided to run a half mile on The Treadmill. And it was awesome because I actually managed to run a half mile, which is something I haven’t done since… well actually since the last time I ran a mile, which was a while ago. But I ran a half mile. I am going to need something to listen to though if I make a habit of this because it’s not fun to jog in place for a long time with only the wall for company. And Holly. Lest we forget the dog who does not know what to make of The Treadmill.

But now, I kind of hurt.

Back to the soundtrack. Until I can work up the effort to make my own mix, I am going to rely on other peoples mixes. I am glad that I am currently lurking in a really active fandom. Naturally, now that I have gotten many totally kick ass soundtracks, said fandom will post like 6 more tomorrow. I am also very shallow. I am more likely to pick mixes based on the cover (or sometimes the person who compiles it) than the actual songs on the mix. I also like ficmixes. Which are totally awesome and now… now I have Adam Lambert in my brain. And I don’t really want him there. The fact that it is for a mix involving strippers makes it okay… and I like that other song that he did… with the… yeah I don’t get the glam but he sings fairly well and his songs have a very bad habit of like… wiring into my head and living there when I kind of want to listen to like… anything else.

Favorite Fanmix cover is totally Bound. Sucky thing is I have to go in and edit all kinds of info so that way it displays properly on my ipod. YAY for several hours of sorting this out.


Reading: Good Omens
Book count: 1 == 1%
Wordcount = 1491/10000 == 14.91%
Quote of the day: “Got the weight of the world, / I summon you here, my love.” ~ Spoon “I Summon You”
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What useful thing did I do today…. Nothing really… I was nice to my sister as she had a friend over for a sleepover and they played guitar hero for hours. I watched them for a bit and then went over to the neighbors. One of their sons made a CD and it was a release party. Good food and wonderful cake. Plus free techno-esque CDs! It was pretty fun. Then I came back, and then I tried to read some Fruits Basket, seeing as I bought another volume a bit ago and still haven’t read it. I have noticed that I don’t read books on weekends (though I did finish Framed)I wonder if that is a problem that will destroy me in the end. I still have many books to read that are due at the end of the month that I haven’t read, including Looking Glass Wars which actually gets to go through both me and my sister, who does not tear through books like I do.
I am going to retreat to my room because I don’t think I can listen to that song one more time.
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Book Count: 67
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Day Two!

Aug. 7th, 2007 11:25 pm
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Today I was awoke by the sound of an enthusiastic dog, who, thus far has not clawed Yuka to death. I am so proud of her. Yuka joined my dad on the walk with the dogs, giving me a good 20 minutes to fall back asleep before they returned and I had to wake up because it I really hard to sleep in the living room of my house… especially with a Holly. Today was pretty easy going in the morning. Lots of dad showing Yuka things and us arguing about what to do on the trip. Yuka is a saint I swear. Each hour I notice an improvement in her English. I have started to remember small bits of Japanese and learn things. For example, one thing I learned yesterday is that the translation of the Japanese word for tornado is “Dragon Roll”, which is just awesome. I also downloaded the character pack for my laptop finally. Yuka pulled out these neat cute little speakers for her ipod. They were pink and they folded up into this little cylinder but when you opened it, it opened up into a perfectly balanced tripod with good surround sound. Anyway she wanted to look something up on yahoo!Japan so I downloaded the character pack and she got to use my laptop. I am so happy!
Yuka made lunch for us too. I missed Soba. Have I mentioned how much I miss Soba? It was one of my favorite foods in Japan. Noodles and sauce and dipping and chopsticks and I miss Soba. I need to find it here and make it I think.
Anyway, later that day while my sister was at her final driving hour, we went to target and to an oriental market place to look for a rice cooker. The thing is tiny but OMG RICE SOON! I was excited!
This evening we went to Flying Star. I ate cheese cake. It was wonderful. For all the fact that flying star is horrendously overpriced and very crowded, they have damn good cheesecake and ice cream.
When we came back, we talked about Yuka’s job. She is working as an art teacher at a middle school. She started just after we left last time I think. This will be her third school she has worked at. The principal at the first school told her to look around first before deciding on anything final. While a full job would mean better pay, she won’t have as much freedom and vacation. Anyway she is also substituting as well at this school. She seems to like it but says it is difficult. The school she is at had 6 classes per grade, wach with 38 students. The school is called Nishidai, the other schools she worked at were Sakura Michi and Izumi, both of which had smaller classes. She has to grade like ten projects per kid a semester. I do not envy her in that regard, but she is teaching what she loves so I am kinda jealous.
She also works as some kind of bus moniter for foreign embassy kids. So she gets to read the names of Saudi Princes and listen to their Ipods on occasion. They like her a lot. She is sooo sweet!
After that everyone went to bed. Yuka had taken a nap that afternoon and I am a night owl so we were both up and got to talking. She game me a list of Manga that is popular in Japan right now with the youth, as well as clicked on some neat things on yahoo!Japan that I am going to go back later and save to my bookmarks. The mangas are:
Boys Over Flowers (popular enough to be a TV Drama, VIZ publishers)
Nana (still popular after 2 years it would seem. Haha I got it before it was cool! VIZ publishers)
Red River (Yuka likes this series so I think I will have to track down volume one and check it out, published by VIZ)
Beck (Yuka’s friend likes this one, since it is a band drama. Tokyopop)
Nodame Cantabile (This is another music drama. Yuka likes this one too. Published by Del Rey)
Kimi Ni Todoke (not published yet as far as I can find)
Kare Kano (Really popular in Japan, Tokyopop)
And maybe a few more. But I will be watching that site now. I will be ahead of the curve once again damnit. We talked about SDK, and she laughed at me because I like a boy’s manga. I laughed to because really, most of my manga is shonen. But anyway, we then moved onto music. We both find Dir en Grey to be a bit terrifying, and I told her how they came here at one point. In Japan right now, someone called GReeeeN is really popular. I listened to a clip and I like it. We then talked American Music and discovered that we both like Maroon 5. I think I am going to have to burn a whole bunch of CDs for her before she leaves.
Eventually though, I started to get tired (at around 1) and we are now calling it quits for the night. I am so excited to show her the Manga collection at the mall! Tomorrow, we are getting up bright and early to go to Bandelier.
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Book Count: 15
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Jun. 6th, 2007 11:52 pm
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But I'm over that rage thanks to Tidah, a funny thought and an image. I love Tidah. Mayhaps the rant will return tomorrow for tonight we lack the energy to complete it fully. We shall see.
Dinner almost killed me. We were going to eat this one thing but I guess we had two of them, only one of them was old and we didn't realize it. So the carrots were not orange. I could have died.  We got the food all sorted out but the bananas tasted funny, as did the oranges. If I die in the next 24 hours, you all know why.
On a Final Fantasy XII note, I have gotten another Sky Pirates Den thing and now only have three more I think. I have also begun to fight Yaizmat. It is kinda boring. I mean if you do the gambits right the characters fight on their own unless you need to pull an intervention. so you just watch and sit there. But the good news is I only have 30 more health bars... YAY!
Tomorrow I have my first Calc II exam. I'm not to worried as I have a 62 out of 60 so far so I even have two points to screw up with. I like how the class is graded and the teacher seems pretty calm. So I'm not to worried. We shall see how this all goes.
Well I am off to read and load music to my mp3 player. 
Manga Count: 484
Word Count: 1092/12,000... we ranted, and it counts. Tomorrow we want to write something fan shaped... we shall see.
Book Count: 7! Finished another book. Yay me!
Mood Theme: 0/132 but Lindz and i talked about it
Boxes sent out of room: none... again... but maybe tomorrow
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So i begin the great MP3 play update that will probably end in tears and blood. I need to stop starting these projects in the hour or so before i need to head to bed...
Anyways i bought an actual book today. The Falcon's Malteser, by Anthony Horowitz. It's really funny. I've read another of his books in this series, Public Enemy Number Two and loved it. He also has written all the Alex Rider series and a new series with the word gate in the title. I think i may end up buying them all. Anyways, off to load more music i go.
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So i try to update everyday... we'll see how this works... I plan on this happening for only a week of this working.
Yesterday i found ReBoot on YouTube. and everything went down hill from there... as it always does. I forgot how much i loved it all those years ago. I also forgot all the Computer lingo in it... maybe thats why i liked it so much. It called to my inner geek. So now i am watching them all... i'm on the second episode of season 2. Also there were so many inside jokes and at one point... "sailor moon" is wandering around...
In livejournal news, I gave in and got a plus account. I wanted more Userpics and i eventually wanna make a mood theme. we'll see however. I also snagged a gif off of Noire Sensus that i wanna use... but not today.
I am cleaning my room. It is scary but i think it will be pretty when it is done. I hope so at least.
Tomorrow maybe i will tell you all about my shiny sexy new MP3 Player... If i can tear myself away from ReBoot.
To hold you over, i present you with this little gem, The ReBoot Musical



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