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I was going to try to be more consistent. I wasn't. Whatever.

I didn't really want to have my return post be ones like this one but, I guess what can you do?

Got bad news yesterday. Everything should be okay but... there is news that you never want to hear and this is that kind of news. Yesterday was one of those days that you may not remember the exact date of in a decade, but it is one you will remember for a very long time because pretty much, it is one of the worst days in your life. One of those days. I'm not ready to talk about it. We are not telling people yet. When I am ready, I will talk about it. Until then, I am pretty much begging for patience because... I don't know when I'll be ready. It could be later today, it could be next Monday, it could be a month.

Sorry in advance.

Tomorrow wasn't good, but today isn't that much better in terms of news. My Aunt's boyfriend, who is practically her husband in everything but actual title, had a stroke today and is in ICU still. It doesn't look good.

I am kind of sick of bad news.

Comic Pull because it's wednesday though...

Justice League Generation Lost #10
Batman: Streets of Gotham #16
Supergirl #56
The Flash #5
Superman/Batman #76
Legion of Superheroes #5
Outsiders #27-32
Gotham City Sirens #5-7 (for the covers for new wall art)
Deadpool Pulp #1 of 4
X-force/Cable Messiah War TB
Dark Avengers Poster Boook


Also, I may be getting a dreamwidth account. We'll see if I get around to it. Also a tumblr. Both will be linked when I get around to it.
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Okay so now I have started GRADUATE SCHOOL in a class with more than one student (me).

ME520: Advanced Thermodynamics-

I think I am going to like this class. I know a lot of the people in it, and yes, the 22 guys to 2 girls ratio sucks but at the same time, I know the other girl, Carrie, so that makes me incredibly happy. And Joe and Ross are both in that class. The professor seems cool so really, I just have to survive.

I met up with Hunter and DK today for lunch, which was pretty awesome. I didn’t eat because I feel like crap but it was nice to see them and talk to them. I talked to hunter for like two hours and that made me smile.

I also hung around campus for an extra 40 minutes to say hi to Dusty. Not doing that again since pretty much it was a very boring 40 minutes for like 2 minutes of “hello and hello everyone else” so yeah.

Went to pub quiz. It was incredibly hard. Like incredibly. Still don’t feel so hot so I am glad that class doesn’t start until like 1 tomorrow. Still, blegh. Also music is isolating. I know that is a random comment, but seriously. It discourages interaction massively and it mostly annoying when you are in company. It’s pretty lame.

Anyway tomorrow is my other two classes… yay?

... Okay I confess. I bought like all of recent X-Factor. And some Blackest Night. I couldn't help myself.

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So it begins again. But tonight there were many exciting things.
Dusty got into a car accident and i have had my freakout. i paced. I don't like pacing. And i imagine the people beneath me do not like me pacing either but it is how i deal with Car Accidents. It was a two car wreck. Person ran the red light. Collision. And i can't really think about it to hard without wanting to cry and flashing back to my oh so favorite lecture about whiplash. So i am moving on...
Fernando called to tell me his fluds score. A 59%... I am freaked out now. Because i made stupid freakin' errors like he did and if i did bad on this exam on top of my thermo exam the urge to drop out and become a business major will rise from .5% to 3%. Which is a bad rise all things considered. Truman assigned Thermo Homwork. Three WP and Three PS. The PS is actually last weeks WP but the ones that are all squeaky and needed percision readings.
Watched Ironman tonight. I love it! I love Tony Stark. Need Graphics! NEED NOW! Don't know what i will do with them but... i will have them and that counts for something. I love Tony Stark and my awkward crush on Robert Downey Jr. is...still awkward but it has come back full force. Seriously the guy has enough charm to make crabby old people happy. And hsi delivery of Tony Starkism behaviour was dead on. And Tony Stark is my favorite movie rick play boy genius crime fighter. He is upfront, outs himself, builds his own stuff and can still charm women's clothes off. Bruce Wayne al la comic fame is better than the new updated shiny version, mostly because the comic book wasn't so god damn emo. And the comic book was into criminology and building his own crap rather than using Wayne Enterprises R&D. Comic book Batman = way more yay than movie Batman.
This week sucks. Got assigned alot of Thermo hwk due Wednesday so need to get on that. Finishing my Linear Homework tomorrow with the guys tomorrow. And i am like 99% sure i have lab this week, which sucks major. I need to head to bed, eventually. I also need to back up my computer when i go home on Wednesday... Whoops. >.> Especially since i downloaded like 30 episodes over the weekend......
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Groan.. truman hates us. there is not other explanation. Because we have two wiley plus assignments (though i guess only one for each class) and a PS due on friday. So there is some deep sighing. I Have done my mechanics, but under duress. and it makes me sad. BAH! I need video games. Tomorrow, after everything. Video games and some memory clearing on my computer. And maybe some room cleaning. Tomorrow during my break from 11-12 i need to do some fluids homework stuffs. We shall see how well that works out. I doubt it will work out well but i will make an effort.... We shall see.
DC versus Marvel is going down hardcore. Its kinda scary. Especially with Terry calling me from Batman Beyond and my general alliance with Marvel comics. Bad sign all around. but i love comics. batman is my flavor of the moment with Superman and of course X-men. i am excited for Watchmen. It's like 9 more months until it comes out but i am pretty psyched for it.
Tonight, Tidah and I played around with doing a Joint for Nanowrimo. not to spoil anything, but it looks pretty pyschedelic. We probably need to read Twilight before we tear it apart in a parody of all parodys. But it will be fuuuun. Lol go Edward the sparkly vampire **cough**virginzombie**cough**.
As one quick sidenote before i attempt to do something not totally distracted. I doubt it. I finished blood kin. Sad story. twist ending. Incest. Political assassination. Very interesting as a whole.
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... Meep

Jun. 20th, 2007 11:41 pm
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The plumbing is done. We are all fixed up. I took a hot shower and it was glorious. I also went to the dentist, which was not so glorious. No cavities and all that, but just mostly me going "Ouch... **whine**" and watching Advent Children. My nice dental hygenist did not believe me when i said that the whole thing was computer animated. It was kinda funny. Then I went to borders and we all know how that ended don't we. The damage was 5... and an actual comic book. Yes an actual comic book(Young Avengers vol 2... they lacked vol 1, which i have read before soooo). And i got Wild Adapter Vol 2! Which makes me happy! Anyways...
I have a fangirl crush on Teddy "Hulkling" Altman. This may cause problems as there are many reasons this relationship cannot work. For one thing, he's gay. He is also taken gay and his boyfriend can literally chant me out of existance. Plus he's half Skrull and half Kree... though if Billy can overlook it I suppose I can too... And he's a comic book character. So I will settle for buying all the comic books. And trying to talk amazon into giving me some for free, or atleast ship them for free. And we also want another manga already... Not a good sign but i will cope as best as i am able and try to curb the urge to spend as much as possible. I actually walked out of borders with the compacity to buy two more books, and i didn't.
Anita Blake is a Mary Sue. That is why she drives me insane. No really. Her personality is grating, yet everyone loves her. She's short, pretty and intellegent, plus she can use guns and is slightly insane. She gets both the head vamp and two head weres. Yes... two. And then there are her other 6 boyfriends. She is one of a kind, the "OMG STRONGEST EVER!" and she's all like "OMG NO WAY!". She's... soooo irritating and bipoler and inconsistant and it makes it hard to side with her since she is always changing sides. I hate Anita Blake, but i love the books.
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