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 So, in the replaying of Assassin's Creed II, it seems my OCD has gotten worse, I picked fights with guards who were in the possession of SWORDS whist Ezio only had fists in order to get treasure chests and codex pages when I would just have to play for like an hour and gain access to a sword, or my hidden blades, or anything other than fists, which make fights last SO much longer. But no, I got almost all the treasure chests and codex pages in the two districts I have access too... and all the secret symbols. Because my OCD? Pretty f'ing upsetting. 

Other than that, I have not done much today. I read one of my shiny new manga (a sure sign that I just.... am not that into it anymore as I find it hard to sit down and read one manga, from a series I LOVE). But it made me happy. I think I may have to start selling my manga though, if I really have outgrown them, or whatever. We will see. It's a bit sad but I am kind of afraid I am keeping them even for sentimental reasons instead of my actually just liking some of them. So guess I am going to be rereading a lot of series over the next week and a half. Though I probably won't. 

I watched Night at the Museum 2 today, while being totally cheesy, I totally loved it. I also think I am going to start a list of all the movies I watch this year, just because A) It will be interesting to look back on and B) because I think I watch A LOT of movies. Might do TV shows too, but I doubt it, as I don't really follow TV shows except for my favorites. 

GOING SHOPPING WITH DUSTY TOMORROW! And talking to Leonardo Da Vinci. And maybe sorting some, because I still have like... 180 bookmarks to sort. 


Reading: Good Omens
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Wordcount = 1491/10000 == 14.91%
Quote of the day: "I am half God, on my mother's side once removed..." ~Bad Guy, Night at the Museum 2


Mar. 6th, 2009 11:04 pm
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BORDERS makes my day!
I bought Manga! MY MANGA! three of them and i have traumatized Linds with Suigetsu numerous times.
Uh. i also bought books. Well a book about a werewolf named Kitty.
I am so tried still it is kinda sad. I have spent the rest of the day reading manga and waiting for dinner. I kind of like today a way lot. Like a way lot.
I have to study for two exams.
Vibes and 314
I am not pleased.
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Feb. 20th, 2009 11:24 pm
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Went to borders today and bought books and SAIYUKI BECAUSE OMG YAY I MISSED YOU!
Also bought dresden but i am missing some which makes me sad so i will have to find those. Hums i wonder if page one has them...
Other than that Linds and I goofed off and i am ready for my weekend to be easy and mellow... HURRAH!

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  Grandpa's Birthday      
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Went to borders and bought SO MUCH STUFF! BEST DAY THIS WEEK BY FAR! but considering my week, that isn't saying much. I bought books and i read my manga and i sat back, relaxed and tried not to think too much. It actually kind of worked.

Did this on facebook so sorry RL buddies who get this twice

25 Things

1- I am absolutely doing this because I was tagged by Sarah and Cait. I am not doing this because I was tagged by Tidah. So ET can just stay the hell away from me. I have an irrational fear of the thing, and have had it since before I can remember.

2- I like background characters in novels. Right now, my favorites are Marcus Flint and Theodore Nott from Harry Potter.

3- If I could play Quidditch, I would want to be a beater.

4- If I were sorted into a Hogwarts house, I would be in any other house than Gryffindor. Mostly because I am not brave. I am reasonably smart, loyal to the point of stupidity, and I am willing to sacrifice part of myself for something better.

5- I really love what I am doing. I may complain a lot about engineering, but I can’t see me doing anything else and enjoying it this much.

6- There was a time when I wanted to be a math and science teacher, but I decided that after essentially teaching people for four years in High School Math that I didn’t want to do that for the rest of my life.

7- I can explain the Bernoulli Equation off the top of my head, but I can’t add 5+8 or 5+7 without pausing for a moment and I can’t subtract negative numbers easily.

8- I have obsessive compulsive disorder. It doesn’t destroy my life, but it does make things difficult at times. I finish books even if I hate them, get up to arrange things at 3am and I will collect things, not because I want to but because I have to.

9- I read over 100 books last year. And only three of them sucked so badly that I almost overcame my obsessive compulsive disorder.

10- Twilight wasn’t one of them. I was surprised too.

11- I never wanted to be a vampire. I wanted to be a werewolf. Twilight only reassured me that I made the right choice.

12- I own hundreds of Japanese comic books. Last official count (made almost a year ago), I had over 550. I have probably bought at least a 150 since then.

13- When I was in fourth grade I dotted my I’s with circles. To this day if I am forced to write in script I put circles over my I’s. I don’t want to, I just do.

14- I talked like a valley girl when I was 9. If you get me started talking like that as a joke, I have a hard time stopping.

15- I am terrified of singing in public. Karaoke is my personal hell.

16- I have never watched an episode of American Idol. Other people doing Karaoke makes me nervous too.

17- I am named after a Companion from the TV Series Doctor Who. And nothing made my day more than hearing the Tenth Doctor on the new Doctor Who say “Nyssa”.

18- I don’t like dark chocolate. I also don’t like strawberries. But I will eat both if I am offered.

19- I don’t nap.

20- One of my most vivid memories was walking to my family’s graveyard in Sinchi Japan when I was 10. I didn’t know where we were going when we left. I was lead out of the house by my cousins and we walked down a tree lined road and past dead rice patties and if you looked to the east, you could see the ocean. I can still see it if I close my eyes.

21- When I was in Japan last time, I was given a good fortune at a shrine in Sendai. I tied it onto the line with all the others and I still hope every part of it comes true.

22- I had my first kiss in the band hall. I wasn’t in band, and I don’t think he was either.

23- I don’t scar easily. I have 8 scars I can see. Two are on my hands, two are on my lips (I cut myself on the dishwasher when I was 1), one is on my shoulder, one on my chest, one over my ribs and one on my stomach. The one over my ribs looks like a bullet wound.

24- I love clothes. I just don’t have the patience to go shopping.

25- My name means “sign” in Hebrew, “Friendly elf or fairy” in Scandinavian, and “woman” in Arabic. In Greek it is “goal” or “the beginning”. In Latin, it means “end”.

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Jan. 13th, 2009 11:06 pm
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So this semester has the least amount of damage thus far. Which is awesome. I think i spent less than all those non engineering friends of mine. Which is awesome since last semester i left the bookstore with two bags and $600 worth of books. **cackles**
No seriously i walked out with like three books. Vibes doesn't have a text book we just had to buy the Shaum's outline. Materials had a textbook, which naturally cost +$100. I didn't need to get a book for Music since i am borrowing Dusty's. ME360 had a ProE textbook. so all in all i walked out today only spending $200. which was amazing! I still have to buy a text  book either for Heat Transfer or ME314 but overall? Way yay!
Other than that, spent some times with others, which is apparently healthy but i am kinda freaked out for the upcoming semester now. I kinda just want to go to sleep and not think about life!
Mother and I are going shopping tomorrow! Cuz i have very few not totally ruined pants and it makes mother twitch so... shopping!
now... to change gears.
A bit ago, Tidah recommended PLUTO and I sat down and started reading it... and kept going.. and going. i had planned on writing tonight but obviously, i didn't.
It is simply amazing. It has been a long time since I have found a sci-fi series that is powerful, message filled and has thought and detail put into it. This is what I read and go "oh fuck I have so much work left to do". Simply perfect. Amazing. And the art is.. gritty. Not pretty. and the story is painfully real, very surprising and it is still updating. And it managed to creep me out. Creep me out! How surprising is that! I actually got chills and nervous and it is powerfully amazing. Must recommend.. Perhaps i will do one of those some day...>.>
Anyways, i am now totally creeped out by my teddy bear and have hid it under the pillows piled on my bed and have stayed up far past when the date and time say i posted this. So to bed with me.


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So... Genesis is annoying. There are only so many times you can here him quote Loveless before you go insane. Linds also keeps joking about the manga Loveless, which is why we are going to change topics to discuss the awesome awkwardness that is that Loveless for a minute or three... because it seems appropriate... Since Genesis loves it an all.
Loveless has some strange quirky thing about ears. Which i find highly entertaining. Apparently, when you lose your virginity, you lose your kitty ears ("What that answers that Question"..."Why... Why would you say that? And What is a 25 year old man doing reading that manga?" "Cloud. What is a teenage boy doing reading that manga?" "Confined to my house to prevent me from being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery.") But... Linds and I have been kidding around. Everytime she comes to borders with me she checks out the leads ear status. I try pointing out he is like 13 and she just replies with "Uh... So?" Sadly, she has a point.
Anyways... back to the grind... STUPID MISSIONS AND THERE... MISSIONY THINGS! totally distracting and not letting me finish.


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Jan. 4th, 2009 11:07 pm
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So I went shopping like a week ago... Durring my once again empty Livejournal updating missing things... >.>
Anyway, i played caretaker and driver to three teenage girls (my sister and two of her friends).
We went to cottenwood mall. and many places therein.
Loot is as follows.

Keychains (x3) = Chibimetropolis
School Girl Skirt = Hot Topic (yes, a school girl skirt....>.> a red and black one... **cackles**)
The World Ends With You = Game Stop
Electra PSP = Game Stop
Manga (Several) = Borders

The World Ends With You... is amazing apparently, and will be called WEWY if i can remember since that is way way shorter. But i will start it soon. After i finish Crisis Core. Which i still haven't picked up since i realized i have to redate aerith. Or Aeris. Or whatever the hell her name is. As a side note, everyone is everywhere in anime/video games... ev-er-y-where. Itachi= Squall Leonhart? Think about it for a prolonged period of time and your mind will go to a strange place.... A very Strange Place...


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Nov. 1st, 2008 11:57 pm
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
1,834 / 50,000

Livejournal asks what my novel for NaNoWriMo will be about in a one sentence summary:

"Bearskin gets screwed out of his deal because the leaders of his country are warmongers who wish to conquer the world by collecting treasures that can control the gods."

Oh yeah, you know you're jealous.

I'm still an emotional trainwreck. I don't know what is wrong with me. I walked the dogs and then watched marathon Grey's Anatomy. I haven't picked up Altair. I am just so fucked up right now. It totally sucks. And reading manga didn't help... which is just sad.

But i did get started on my NaNoWriMo and it is actually going fairly well, much better than last year. Hopefully i am not typing 33000 words in three days again. Because that sucked. Especially since the last three days this year are during Thanksgiving break. So... need to get ahead or something. Because yay!

Uh... Other than that i haven't done anything. I am such a slacker. Need to do some homework tomorrow. I like being at home. Don't watch TV, don't even really read the paper.

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Dusty's Birthday

Reading: Nothing right now
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OMG THAT GAME WAS AMAZING! I NEED TO PLAY IT ALL AGAIN! MANY TIMES! and he did man up and it was beautiful. I need to replay the beginning and then rewatch all kinds of things. Need more!
Daddy has left us to go on a fly in. He will return tomorrow. Linds took her PSAT this morning and then came and made fun of me. I think i should pick on her a bit too but she is gimpy so i feel guilty. I went to borders today. Got into a long talk with some guy. I bought manga too. I bought Battle Royale as well, and my sister prompty stole it. I also got mistermistress and PSoH. And i sulked because there was no dresden files comic book. Apparently it is coming out next week. I may buy it off of amazon. It depends...>.>
Moving on. Time to remake the wish list...>.> shit.
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Back to the crying. My thermo exam was awful. i am for sure taking the final in that class. I can't even really think about it without wanting to cry, so i am not thinking about it, damnit. After my exam i cleaned my dorm room to make myself feel better, which was a very good plan, although i forgot that i actually have a twin extra long so it was hard to deal with the fact that my frame is smaller than the bed it is on. Which sucks by the way but i did it, with minimal crying.
Econ was actually the pick me up of the day, as sad as that sounds. Econ was my last class of the day as well as i did not have Fluids today. But half the class didn't show up to Econ so the remaining half of the class got two points extra credit. Which is way awesome. Tyler and I looked at each other and were like "you know what, those two little points probably saved my life". I also finished Bunker 10 which was sad and made me want to cry, mostly because everyone died. Dying isn't cool, especially when they are kids. but it was good. finally figured out the timeline.
Then i went home. Well i took the long way home. Costco with daddy and then i went home and DLed my fix and then i went to borders with Linds, for the first time since i think the beginning of september. i got two manga, both of which i have been waiting for. Samurai Deeper Kyo and I are edging closer and closer to the manga i bought in Japan. I bouth 31 and 32. 30 just released. And i was super lucky cuz 31 and 32 feature fights involving my favorite charactes, ones that (from my interpretation of the images) almost kill both of them. Course this is SDK and someone almost dies like... once a manga. It's a tradition but this time, it is Hotaru and Akira and they are fight Yuan and Tokito... **smiles brightly** i love SDK.
I also watched Life. I like my quirky detectives. Also it never fails to amuse that Damian Lewis (the guy who plays Crews) is also the Guy who plays Yassen in Stormbreaker. I find it funny... specially since i have never seen him act with his british accent and have thus far seen him with a Russian accent and an American Accent. It's funny.
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Today was a pretty rocking day. A boring day but rockin in terms of homework things.
I went to linear and got 1/2 of my homework done for next week. Then I had time off, did some printing and then went to Mechanics, during which i did all of my mechanics homework. then I got leftover food, did my fluids and then went to work on my lab, which i also finished. Finished Thermo, finished everything. Pretty awesome.
Freaks reminds me of Geek Love. very odd book but i like it. I bet i will finish it tomorrow. I have another lab tomorrow, which is lame but my report that i finished is drop dead sexy. As i told Tidah, if i were another report, i would be all over my report. The Specific Gravity equation, the greek letters. Amazing.
maybe i will work on my nanowrimo oulines as well, we shall see. Also reading MANGA!... >.>... time for bed lieks woah.

My todo list for the week to earn my rewards:
Thermo WP due 9/10
Thermo WP due 9/12
Fluids Lab due 9/10
Fluids Lab on 9/10
Fluids Lab due 9/17
ECON CC due 9/12
Linear Algebra due 9/16
Linear Algebra due 9/10
CE due 9/10

CE due 9/11
CE due 9/16
Fluids WP due 9/10

Fluids WP due 9/12
Finish Prompts
New Background (?)
Pst C-01
Update User_i
Read Freaks
Backup and Clear 2gigs

Reading: Freaks
Reading Manga: Ranma 1/2 (Book 14 out of 38), Inuyasha (ch209 our of 558)
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Since I haven’t updated in like a Bazzillion years. Well okay I said happy birthday to myself but… meh.

Time for lists


Saturday- driving. Yuck yuck yuck. I drove from Needles to Victorville. It was a long and boring drive. I spent most of it counting semis. We stayed in Dolphin Cove resort, which is a block from Disneyland. We watched the fireworks from the balcony and planned out what we were going to do during our trip.

Sunday- SeaWorld. Free Willy damaged a generation who look at poor Shamu and think he is depressed. And 30 seals all barking for food is one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Shortly proceeded by the creepy chant/bowing thing that the people do to make Shamu splash. Super pretty in SeaWorld. We rode the Atlantis ride multiple times. I pet some manta rays.

Monday- DISNEYLAND! I LOVE DISNEYLAND! I rode Space Mountain for the first time. All the other times I have been to Disneyland it has been closed. Many many rides. I love it! We went on rollercoasters as well. It was sooo much fun! I love Disneyland!

Tuesday- Wild Animal Park! OMG BABY LIONS ARE SO CUTE! They are sooo adorable there are just no words. So cute! And sheep! And Deer! OMG PETTING ZOO! I love animals!

Wednesday- Universal Studios is awesome. Though ½ of it burned down two days before, so the tour kinda sucked. BUT MARVEL STORE! I GOT AN IRON MAN T-SHIRT! And some other things that will be in my birthday pile… lol

Thursday- DISNEYLAND! Cut short because my dog was not good. Parade that day though! I love Disneyland. Great day all around. I love Disneyland. Ate a delish tostada salad at the Mexican restaurant. Bought cellphone charms. I have a crown like Sora’s.

Friday- Drive back. Drove again. Made it back late at night. Ughness all around…


Birthday GIFTS/Self given gifts (still buying):


Two manga bought by others, both of which were new releases. One of which I was desperate for because omfg SAIYUKI FINALLY!

Plushie- my first plushie that is not shaped like a normal American stuffed animal.

Two shirts- one anime (first one for that too) and this awesome tank top backless hoodie thing. Linds mentioned it looked like Kairi’s hoodie thing in KH2. Totally awesome

Hair clip extension in a nice magenta color. I think I need more.

MOVIE IN TIN- Which is like yay.

Crisis CORE and SG from Dusty- purty… super purty…  like woah purty.

NUNH and NUNH2 for my PSP.

Two self bought manga- another one I have been craving and the latest in the craze.

Gaming case for PSP.


Wolverine T-Shirt!

Money, lots of money.

Borders Gift Card

Two very nice soft pretty shirts that are way totally awesome.

Kick ass bookmark


Very awesome dress for the wedding from Hot Topic.

High heels for the dress.

Linds has promised me something from Squeenix. We can’t remember what lol.


Mangas to read by the end of the summer for many reasons, ranging from recommendations to pure stubbornness:

Ranma ½


Dragon Drive



Eyeshield 21


Hunter x Hunter

Vampire Knight

I would do more but i have to get up for a plane ride in 5 hours to go to my Cousin Jennifer's wedding. Talk to you maybe there.


May. 26th, 2008 09:51 pm
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So... i have no will power. Went to borders and picked up two manga and two collector figurines. Yay! I have selected a pile of manga to sell. i am expecting about... +$35 or something. Pretty yay!
I started reading Warrior Heir. Sad thing... i know how it ends, i know who is evil and i know who lives... Ugh. But i like it so far. Another 400 page book. still have a ton of other books and i am trying to figure out if i will be reading some things... Other than that... watched Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Still cant watch hearts being ripped out it seems... such a pity
Book Count: 3
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Surprise surprise. I liked The Wizard Heir alot. I wasn't expecting me to like it as much as i did. stupid me however read the second book first. If you decide to read this book, read The Warrior Heir first. but it was quite good. But long. That was all i did today. It was awesome. I thought about watching Narnia and all these other things but i didn't. But 450 pages of book reading was fun. Only several more to read in the next few days... oh deary me.
I went through my manga today. SCARY AS ALL HELL! it made me sad and kind of want to cry a bit inside. It doesn't look to bad when they are in boxes and things but to see them all spread out all over my floor in piles? I do not like. Super freaky.
Anyways that is all i has for today
Book Count: 3
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Took my Circuits Exam today. i think it went very well.
I did have one of those dreams though. The one where you dream about studying for an exam and you make up complete and total bullshit equations in your sleep and then you wake up going "OMFG I don't know that equation"... and then you calm down and realize "I don't know that equation because it isn't real... that might change things up...." So i had a very action packed morning.
I mangaed to get within 100 pages of the end of The Dark before chem ended, which is pretty awesome. Which means i finished it tonight... an then avoided the library because if i go then i will check out another 1000 books and then have to hurt myself. The book was pretty good. Favorite character did not die turned good and has green eyes. i think i win.
But back to school. I had a Diff Eq quiz today but i think that i did really well on it. We shall see on Monday or sometime. I have my exam for that class on monday. We are apparently getting together on sunday afternoon to study some for it, but i am not too worried about it, especially after my good vibe feelings from ECE.
Went home. linds invited over one of her friend and like a loser (not really, the kid is a sweetie) hung out with them for some time and went to borders. THE NEXT ONE came out, as did SDK, which means i am sooo happy and i bought them but i am not reading them until next week because i need something to get me through the week and that seems like a damn good motivator. I think also next weekend i am going to go through my manga and start to decide which ones i will entertain selling.
... Man i did nothing else today. I need a more active life... or a boring one... i need to wax on poetically about something.
Manga Count: 547 (I think)
Book Count: 86
Books Checked Out:
Traitor, Payback, The Named, The Dark, New Amsterdam, Taken, Monster Tattoo Book One: The Foundling, Boy2Girl, The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green, A Companion to Wolves, The Wizard Heir, The Warrior Heir, The Key, Ruins of Gorlan, Spy High Mission Two: Chaos Rising, Spy High Mission Three: The Serpent Scenario, Spy High Mission Four: The Paranoia Plot, Spy High Mission Five: Blood Relations, Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon, Boy Girl Boy, Epic

Kinda Raw

Feb. 23rd, 2008 11:38 pm
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So i read alot today... not alot of books but i read alot of manga. I read After School Nightmare and Hands Off! because i have the next volumes and i am like "WTF?" so i had to go reread a bit.
I also went to a Lady Lobo basketball game. Pretty good game, even if there were more full contact body slams that your average football game. The game was terribly called. Lots of yelling and screaming. Exciting game. Came back and watched Linds and her friend play DMC4. Then had a very very long conversation with my mother about many topics, stemming from how people realistically act and what exactly independence is. Also how to handle being a tutor and a teacher. I am going to go talk to one of my profs i think so i can apply for Caps work. For the most part, super tired.
kinda want to read but for the most part... slacking off sounds good.
Tomorrow is my 3 year... hum
Manga Count: 545 (I think)
Book Count: 85
Books Checked Out:
Traitor, Payback, The Named, The Dark, New Amsterdam, Taken, Monster Tattoo Book One: The Foundling, Boy2Girl, The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green, A Companion to Wolves, The Wizard Heir, The Warrior Heir, The Key, Ruins of Gorlan, Spy High Mission Two: Chaos Rising, Spy High Mission Three: The Serpent Scenario, Spy High Mission Four: The Paranoia Plot, Spy High Mission Five: Blood Relations, Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon, Boy Girl Boy, Epic
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So... we all know by now i should NOT be allowed near any form of book thing... and today i went to two.
So i guess i should recap the day. Went to circuits and it turns out we did everything correctly! which makes me feel good inside. Chem-dull like always but i am falling head over heels in love with the book series i am reading. And it is quite unexpected... and it has an ending! Only three books long and it is all in soft cover. I will finish it and add it to the wish list. And then we had our off hour and then we wandered over to Diff EQ. about a million quizzes and test and homework in my future for that class... I am going to have a BAD week... starting next Wednesday.
Wednesday 2/27- Diff Eq Quiz
Thursday 2/28- Chem Lab, Deans List Dinner
Friday 2/29- Circuits Exam, Diff Eq Quiz, Diff Eq Due
Monday 3/3- Diff Eq Exam
Tuesday 3/4- Dynamics Due, Me 318 Hw due, Me 318 lab report due
Wednesday 3/5- Chem Exam
Thursday 3/6- Chem Lab
So sucky week. But i bet i can handle it so long as i don't drown. But anyway, i went to the library with Linds and Borders with Dusty. I bought 3 manga at Borders. I have only touched one of my Manga. I am kind of going "hums... not feelin' yah..." so it will probably do the rounds and then be sold.

Anyway Library books (11 of them... dumb dumb dumb)
A Companion to Wolves by Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear (Wolves on the cover, male character, about man and animal relationships... Wolves on the cover...)
The Wizard Heir by Cinda Williams Chima (Pretty cover, and i was wandering through target when i was looking for DMC4 a few weeks ago... and i wanted to try it and its other books and then... i found it)
The Warrior Heir by Cinda Williams Chima (Also has a pretty cover)
The Key by Marianne Curley (Last part of the series i am reading)
Ruins of Gorlan by John Flanagan (Second try... we didn't get a chance to read it last time we checked it out... we are sure having 20 books checked out at the same time will make it easier to read)
Spy High Mission Two: Chaos Rising by A.J. Butcher (Many many spy highs... bet we can read them all if we just focus)
Spy High Mission Three: The Serpent Scenario by A.J. Butcher
Spy High Mission Four: The Paranoia Plot by A.J. Butcher
Spy High Mission Five: Blood Relations by A.J. Butcher
Alfred Kropp: the Seal of Solomon by Rick Yancey (I have no idea... it looked like a fun book to read)
Boy Girl Boy by Ron Koertge (Uh... urge to read drama lit... we are sure we will regret it... this doesn't look like a funny book)
Epic by Conor Kostick (Uh... Kick ass concept... ala Heir Apparent)

Other than that i am now going to go read some more and catch up on my manga... because i have alot... too many... damn i need to count sometime in the near future. Sigh
Manga Count: 545 (I think)
Book Count: 85
Books Checked Out:
Traitor, Payback, The Named, The Dark, New Amsterdam, Taken, Monster Tattoo Book One: The Foundling, Boy2Girl, The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green, A Companion to Wolves, The Wizard Heir, The Warrior Heir, The Key, Ruins of Gorlan, Spy High Mission Two: Chaos Rising, Spy High Mission Three: The Serpent Scenario, Spy High Mission Four: The Paranoia Plot, Spy High Mission Five: Blood Relations, Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon, Boy Girl Boy, Epic


Feb. 20th, 2008 11:42 pm
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So... no more quizzes this week. I was originally going to have one on friday but.... not anymore... Instead... Quiz on Wednesday, and Friday, homework due friday and test on 3/3... not sure if this is a step forward, backward or... sideways....
So i woke up an hour early (while feeling like total crap) because my professor for ECE decided not to email us about him being ill. So i was on the other side of campus. I just sat in the room and read until i wanted to leave. And then i went to chem... and sat through about 10 million more rate law examples... so there was even more reading. I do like the book though... but at the rate i am going, i should be done by friday and then i can read the sequel and pick up the triquel at cherry hills.
moving on. Went through other side of exam.
Also had dinner with the parents. Yummy and Yay. lots of talking and fun and mostly me enjoying not school in the middle of the week.
Also learned that i am important enough to be invited into a writing seminar. If i want it i am pretty much given a spot.
Ugh tomorrow is gunna ssssuuuuuuucccccckkkk....
God i want it to be fridayLaters
Manga Count: 542 (I think)
Book Count: 84
Books Checked Out:
Traitor, Payback, The Named, The Dark, New Amsterdam, Taken, Monster Tattoo Book One: The Foundling, Boy2Girl, The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green, Horowitz Horror
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So my ECE professor pushed back the due date for our homework so the soonest it will be due is on Wednesday, which is awesome, considering the damn stuff is impossible.
today i did nothing... well i did alot of problems... i think i have less than 8 left. But i don't know how many exactly. I have my first dynamics exam this week, which has me a bit freaked out but i am way excited. We get practice exams on tuesday, which is way neat.
Went to borders today. bought manga which is like way yay. I have left them at home and i am not reading them until friday. I need something to get me through the week. Bought: Petshop of Horrors: Tokyo, Wild Adapter and an amerimanga.
Side note: Amerimanga are strange odd things. The reason why i bought this one was because it did something totally awesome. There was this one amerimanga with a gorgeous cover, which was awesome and pretty and i was like "maybe must need for totally shallow reasons" and then i picked it up and opened it and made a noise of shock and semi disgust i turned head. It was a lying cover. An evil cover. It lied... did i mention that? It was so nice and pretty but the cover art was done by a japanese artist, not the artist of the manga. So the cover was manga at it's "look at that pretty man (maybe, not sure...?) and liek woah" best. The inside looked like a webcomic. and not like a hardcore was depressing. So anyway this amerimanga that i bought had pretty cover art and i was "okay... pretty" but i used caution but i wanted to look at the inside because the scene on the cover was interesting so i open it and inside... Cue another loud noise that made people look at me. The inside was a good as the outside. So worth the 10 bucks!
**sigh** i can't decide about this week yet... we shall see. I am heading to bed.
Manga Count: 542 (I think)
Book Count: 84
Books Checked Out:
Traitor, Payback, The Named, The Dark, New Amsterdam, Taken, Monster Tattoo Book One: The Foundling, Boy2Girl, The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green, Horowitz Horror
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Tomorrow i must go to the dentist, which is my least favorite thing ever, right up there with torture and mutilation. So i distracted myself most of today, once again wandering around on DA and reading manga. I let the kid sister enjoy her playstation seeing as she goes back to school tomorrow. She got Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix and has been playing it like mad. That and Resident Evil 4. apparently i need to play both but i think i'll wait until i have like a summer or something. But who knows. Right now i have found manga readers on the internet so i may not be talking to anyone for a while unless it requires being away from my computer. But who knows. I could find something equally shiny. I have until 2:30 ish tomorrow to do nothing so i am going to enjoy it for all it is worth as i am now down to two weeks before i have to go back to school... damnation!
Manga Count: 532
Book Count: 74
Books Checked Out:
The Chinese Nail Murders, The Ruins of Gorlan, Shadowmancer, Finding Lubchenko, The Rise of Lubchenko, Seeing Redd, Outlaws of Moonshadow Marsh: Sign of the Qin, Spy High Mission One, Spy High Mission Two, Spy High Mission Three, Faerie Wars, The True Prince, Son of the Witch, Barbarian, Basilisk, Traitor, Payback, The Named, The Dark, New Amsterdam, Taken, Monster Tattoo Book One: The Foundling, Boy2Girl, The Unthinkable Thoughts of Jacob Green


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