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So right now, I have considered multiple options of what the heck I want to put at the end of my livejournal entries.

In case you can’t tell, today was fairly boring.

Later on this year, if and when I get a confirmation or something about going to Japan next year, it will probably be a countdown to leaving (and maybe a “money saved/budget” thing.

I have considered doing the comics I am actively reading that particular day, seeing as there are so freaking many.

Either that or start tracking how much I spend on comics. Maybe next month when I catch up and chill out some…
I could also do a wishlist. But that also seems kind of traumatizing. Especially since mine keeps morphing and twisting.

Books I am reading? I have done that before but I am seriously slacking in this department. I checked books out like three weeks ago and I still haven’t touched them.

I am kind of boring huh? Meh maybe something will come to me in the next few weeks.

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It’s been since February since I last updated.
The basics of the last 6ish months:
I Graduated from College Cum Laude with a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering.
I am attending Grad School at UNM, working with my Fluids Professor on Shock Tubes.
We built a freaking awesome Wheelchair for Design V.
I became obsessed with DC Comics.
Angel Died.

The specifics in detail under the cuts, like last time I did a recap of my life.

The Months... )

The Classes... )

The People... )

The VICES, Saving Graces, and Other Simple Pleasures... )

So yeah, now I'm all caught up. See if we can do a better job huh?

Will Figure out to do with this spot later....
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In another pointless entry because today was fairly boring (no REALLY), I have noticed that I start a lot of entries with “So…”

It’s kind of funny that I developed that kind of pattern, but it makes sense given that’s how I talk. If I don’t have an instant start like “Hello” or something I try to find something to lead with and “so” usually works really well. It’s a nice non committal way of starting a conversation that allows both parties to back out and flee at any given moment. And when it comes to journal entries… well I am not quite sure why that seems to work really well.

I’ve found something pretty for Dusty to look at. Skins has called out loudly to the adoring hoard and we may have to give in soon. It has Joe Dempsie, and some blond guy that Dusty is all fangirly over. He is pretty in a work of art kind of pretty, and I would certainly do a once over if he walked in one of my classes, but I think Bradley James and his amazing shoulders have polluted my definition of attractiveness. I now like broad shoulders and biceps and muscles. Though to be honest I was never very much attracted to slender little slips of things. For reference, Colin Morgan is not a slender slip of a thing in my book. He’s scrawny, but he isn’t… weak looking.

Some twisted need to have a big strong man protect me? Who knows but it is how I FEEL. And I don’t mind because there is no lack of broad shouldered men in New Mexico.

Reading: Dead Until Dark
Book count: 2 == 2%
Wordcount = 0/10000 == 0.00%
Quote of the day: "Skiing combines outdoor fun with knocking down trees with your face." ~Dave Barry
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The Treadmill (now with a title) is kinda big.

LOST! Season finale and only one more to go! I hate this about Lost. I’m totally content to not watch all of it in one sitting, and I don’t even care about it at all, and then, THEN, I watch one episode and I end up watching as many as possible and whining when I run out of episodes. So, the finale managed to be just as totally wack as all the other finale’s. Which was like… expected but I am kind of going ‘JACOB!’ and ‘WTF?’ and… well pretty much just that. I like the actor who played Jacob though. He plays a very good… Jacob. And Lucifer in Supernatural.

I also watched Fanboys tonight. I liked it. It may not be in my top 100 movies ever (and HEY isn’t that an idea… can I even name that many? And if I did, could I list them in order. Sounds like a fun project) but it was adorable. And I had an uncomfortable moment where I found Jay of Jay and Silent Bob attractive. I think it’s the short hair. Bradley James has infected me to the point where short blond hair = happy Nyssa. Bad bad bad. Lol

So, I am sort of thinking of things to do to keep me on LJ more this year, since I failed so hardcore last year. At least in terms of my journal as I was on LJ every single day the entire time, I promise you. We’ll have to see, I have ideas. There are things like the 1000 Rules For My Unborn Son thing that I love, and I am wondering if I can do something similar… or something to do daily or… I don’t know. Thinking of maybe starting a fanon journal for writings and things. Stryation is the title name now, but I am debating if I want to comm. it or if I want to make it a journal… Tough choices.


Reading: Good Omens
Book count: 1 == 1%
Wordcount = 1491/10000 == 14.91%
Quote of the day: “I know I'm not one of your favorites. I'm not even welcome in your house. But I could use a little attention.” ~Constantine from Constantine (2005)
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So, I wasn’t that good about the Journal this year. I’ll look back when I am old (or like, next year) and be like OMG WHAT DID I DO IN 2009? So… Here is my year in review.

The Months... )

The Classes... )

The People... )

The VICES, Saving Graces, and Other Simple Pleasures... )

I also redid my whole journal. New layout, new profile, new moodtheme, new userpic. Yeah kinda went overboard but... It's time.

I'll deal with those resolutions tomorrow I think.



Reading:Good Omens
Quote of the day: "I'm happy to be your servant, till the day I die"
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So i have been on livejournal for several years now. I think 4. lol i could check but i am lazy. in any case, yay me. I only remember because it is also by Grandfathers birthday as well. Uhm. I had an exam today and i think i did well on it but we shall see. But i feel good about it. Uh i did my lab report stuff today so that is out of the way. i hate writing lab reports. Other than that....
>.> I want to go home.

Monday 2/23 Tuesday 2/24 Wednesday 2/25 Thursday 2/26 Friday 2/27
  Materials Exam  Materials Lab Due    
  ProE Due  ME 360 Due    
  Grandpa's Birthday      
Monday 3/2 Tuesday 3/3 Wednesday 3/4 Thursday 3/5 Friday 3/6
  ProE due ME314 Hwk Due Music Quiz  
  Scuba Tank Due      
  Vibes Due      

Currently Reading: Genius Squad
Books: 9== 9%
Words: 10000/10000=100%


Apr. 1st, 2008 11:31 pm
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So I guess is should come clean about why i haven't been updating for a while. It's... Well Somethings were happening that i wasn't prepared to face myself. So I was trying to deny them until i figured it out. The truth is my life has drastically changed. Everything will be different from here on out and i think i am finally prepared to come clean about it.
The thing is, nothing has changed at all and i am just lazy as hell and didn't want to do Shit for a while. Happy April Fools.
So what has been happening? I haven't had ME318 lab in forever. I got a 13/15 on my ME318 Midterm, which means that i only lost two points out of my final score. As of right now, that class and I are doing well with one another! Uh... nothing in Dynamics. Chem Sucks still but meh. I have a quiz tomorrow that i conceptually get. Lets just hope i get the math this time. Diff Eq is going smashing. Homework and Quiz on friday... yay? not so much but whatever. ECE is trying to assassinate me but i got the high score on test two (79% but he grades in clumps. So i am 7 pts away from a perfect score with a 172/179).
I am thinking about doing Scriptfrenzy. 100 pgs in 30 days. Sounds interesting. We shall see.
Found three different April Fools thing today
1- Zelda movie Trailor... like Holy F'ing Whoa
2- YouTubes Featured Video's all lead to Rick Astley- Never Gunna Give You Up
3- DA changed all the avatars to little gifs... kinda cute actually. but that is because i like silly things....
Uh... i haven't been reading actual books like i am supposed to be, which is bad considering that i have like 5 books due on thursday. So i get to read all of those this week after exam tomorrow. Ugh. I will have time again soon i hope after i do my Diff Eq homework, so that will be nice.
Uh... rearranged alot over spring break. Lots of cleaning up. Might change my layout (Skulls maybe...) but redid alot and some over theres. Started running around on DA again so i posted some stuff over there earlier. Started doing that during class again. I am getting too good at Sudoku so it works out quite well i think.
IT is trying to kill me. The past few weeks have been totally traumatic. One of them is dead, another dying, another with dramatic eye locking and one is suitably worried. Plus favorite minor character action leiks woahs. Anyway i should probably head to bed so that way i can get a good nights rest before the scary exam... ugh
Everything will return when i get back home and take a new count.


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