Jan. 17th, 2009 11:59 pm
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I have started the World Ends With You. Cue downward rapid spiral. I like it. No, I LOVE IT. It is amazing. There are so many things to do and the soundtrack is amazing. It  isn't the annoying Midi's and things that are in other games, and i am looking at you Crisis Core, and you are about the same age as WEWY.Seriously it is amazing. I love Neku. I think i may have to find new graphix one of these days but... lord i am so lazy and i really really don't wanna go back to school on monday night. i kinda just want to be on summer vacation forever but... man as an almost adult, soon i won't even have vacations except for like two weeks a year. How depressing is that?
Anyway also watched Kyle XY today. Kyle is an idiot but i love him. His girlfriend ish is an idiot and i don't like her. Clear? Very.


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I beat Crisis Core. I Cried for like... an hour. It was kinda pathetic but what really did it was watching ZackZack die and get shot in the head and then survive it for like five minutes afterward. I cried the whole finale. Essentially once Genesis stopped quoting poetry til Cloud Strife version 2.0. which, as it is a Square Enix game, was about half an hour or so of ending movies, credits and then bonus and... it was really really long. Like mindnumbingly long. Like... i was no longer crying and then Cloud Strife 2.0 Showed up and i started crying again. TOOK FOR FREAKING EVER!
From playing it however, i noticed it had things in common with Final Fantasy VIII. Everyone meets with flower fields and women are evil. EVIL YOU HERE ME!**insults own gender**
I also hate Genesis. He was on my DMW and then he wasn't. And i cried for an entirely different reason. And right in the middle of me trying to beat this game, my family wants to watch LOST. and i was like NOOOOO
Ugh. Tomorrow i get to go to the bookstore. Still don't know if i have ME314.


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Kyle XY is kinda addictive, if a bit formula-ish.  I have seen like... most of the plot turns. Which is a bit sad. As a side note, as a hobby writer, nothing pisses me off then people pretending they have a plan. I don't have a plan. Ever. My characters tend to do their own thing. I may know that eventually i want them to go to point C. Then they resist and run by points G-K while i am trying to get there as fast as possible. It's annoying,  but i know i lack the control over my characters. Other people who seem to think that by pretending they have a plan (i'm looking at you creator of american teenager), stop. It makes you sound like you have no plan and can't write when you can't even summerize your own plot points in a cohearent manner. It's annoying and weird and makes me want to re-write your plot for you.
Other than that. i think i am finishing Crisis Core tomorrow. Because right now... I am so close. So so very close.
And Quinny is still resisting. Least now it has been reduced to silence sulking and maybe a temper tantrum or three.


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Crisis core and I are arguing again. IT could get nasty. And it probably will. I don't want to do whatever it is they want me to do. Jailbait Cloudy non withstanding, I am mad at Genesis, and don't even get me started on Sephiroth and Magic Pots. **hates magic pots**
I am trying to write. My characters are resisting. If he could, one of them would have hit me with a plate. So instead, i am having him hit someone with a plate. Or at least try to. Considering i have already made Quinny puke his guts out and wander around as a Zombie kinda guy, plate throwing isn't that far from his mental state. However, he is resisting So i am trying to write with linds. Things are getting more and more ridiculous in our sad little world, but they are funny. Lind and I now have more inside jokes then... anything else... which is sad... very very sad...

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So... Genesis is annoying. There are only so many times you can here him quote Loveless before you go insane. Linds also keeps joking about the manga Loveless, which is why we are going to change topics to discuss the awesome awkwardness that is that Loveless for a minute or three... because it seems appropriate... Since Genesis loves it an all.
Loveless has some strange quirky thing about ears. Which i find highly entertaining. Apparently, when you lose your virginity, you lose your kitty ears ("What that answers that Question"..."Why... Why would you say that? And What is a 25 year old man doing reading that manga?" "Cloud. What is a teenage boy doing reading that manga?" "Confined to my house to prevent me from being kidnapped and forced into sexual slavery.") But... Linds and I have been kidding around. Everytime she comes to borders with me she checks out the leads ear status. I try pointing out he is like 13 and she just replies with "Uh... So?" Sadly, she has a point.
Anyways... back to the grind... STUPID MISSIONS AND THERE... MISSIONY THINGS! totally distracting and not letting me finish.


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My family has been gone for two days and I am already spending hours of my day talking to animals.... Hours. It's sad... and Holly has learned how to type... or at least drop her ball on the keys.
I played some Crisis Core today. I have successfully dated Aerith/Aeris. Again....>.> Gag.
On the otherhand, i have done absolutely nothing of value. I like breaks. Cept for the speaking to animals part...
I also have got some sort of stress/wear and tear as my hands hurt and i talk to my psp... Bad... all around. I am going to go watch anime and explore the Lost wiki....


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Baby sister has gone back to school. And so i spent the morning baby sitting the next door neighbors' dogs, my dogs and watching Anime. there was also a few minutes of sleep, but i am not sure if i sleep or just dozed.
In my loneliness i have turned to the internet and Anime, which is always a bad bad combination. I have found Wiki's, for things i didn't know had wiki's. And these are small things. There is a Price of Persia Wiki.
And an Assassin's Creed Wiki....
I am sure there are others but those two made me go "gawk" and wander around like a lunatic for a prolonged time.
Also, Lazard= Rufus' Brother. YAY! Go final fantasy Wiki
As another side note:
Other than that...>.> I am boring... and alone... **angsts**

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Jan. 4th, 2009 11:07 pm
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So I went shopping like a week ago... Durring my once again empty Livejournal updating missing things... >.>
Anyway, i played caretaker and driver to three teenage girls (my sister and two of her friends).
We went to cottenwood mall. and many places therein.
Loot is as follows.

Keychains (x3) = Chibimetropolis
School Girl Skirt = Hot Topic (yes, a school girl skirt....>.> a red and black one... **cackles**)
The World Ends With You = Game Stop
Electra PSP = Game Stop
Manga (Several) = Borders

The World Ends With You... is amazing apparently, and will be called WEWY if i can remember since that is way way shorter. But i will start it soon. After i finish Crisis Core. Which i still haven't picked up since i realized i have to redate aerith. Or Aeris. Or whatever the hell her name is. As a side note, everyone is everywhere in anime/video games... ev-er-y-where. Itachi= Squall Leonhart? Think about it for a prolonged period of time and your mind will go to a strange place.... A very Strange Place...


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Jan. 3rd, 2009 11:57 pm
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WHERE THE HELL IS MY SAMURAI DEEPER KYO OH BORDERS AND BARNES AND NOBLE! **has been epically let down by book stores**

I still have like $50 in Borders gift cards. I bet you all thought they would be gone by now huh? Haha i surprise myself too.

Uh... Linds and I ran wild today and i filled up some more gig space on my old harddrive. Sorry Baby i love you. But Linds and I had a good time. She goes back to school on Monday so she is kinda depressed about that but we played today and giggled for a long time. 

I have watched Lost. Which was way neat. It hooked me back. Which was surprising. Lost and I have a love hate relationship of epic proportions. Mostly hate as it makes me snarl since it just... I never want to sit down to watch it but when i do i get like totally and utterly drawn in ot the point that i am obsessed and i am analyzing possibilities of the monster. Yeah, i go there.

I also watched Pathfinder. Or half of it. I am hard to revolt (looks awkwardly over at Sin City and the like) but... guh it was... There were eyes and brains and mushy bits. And it would have been really awesome if i could watch it. It was filmed in a neat style but... ew much. Holly and I curled up and eventually gave up.

Linds has been playing GH3 alot, which is okay because i finished Prince of Persia. it was beautiful and amazing and i should really start back up on Crisis Core but... **sighs** Zack Zack.... But Prince of persia was very very pretty and my only complaint about it (if it really is one) is that it was a bit... easy. There was very little struggle. it was mostly me going "fall off the damn cliff yeh bastard" and stuff like that but... i only got frustrated about stupid things. it was kinda ike Assassins Creed in that regard. easy, but fun. And a bit short. Kinda makes me want to play it multiple times. So i think i will....>.> Maybe later though. Especially since they have trophies for it... **claps**

Read today. and wrote some. Go me!


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Oh thank god for Friday. And next week. So i have figured out a bit too much about my upcoming life. You shall see it. Today i went to Thermo and got the answers to the pop quiz on wednesday. I am pretty sure i aced it now. I don't have the numbers but the answers were closer to the ones i remember getting. Plus i kept sigfigs like none other. So i hope that means i have a 100% to cancel out my like 52% fromt the first quiz. Went back to my dorm, edured the beeping and looked over my economics notes for the test. Took Econ test (first of 20, done!) and it wasn't too bad. We shall see. I think i did well. Found out when my fluids exam is (monday after next) and that i have no class on upcoming friday (9/26). Which means i will probably not have fluids homework to go with my thermo exam.

Went to the fair today with mom and dad just for an hour or two. Pet some puppies, played with the chickens and looked at the art exhibits. I also bought 7 posters.... 2 Final Fantasy VII, 2 Final Fantasy XII (and Versus), 1 Final Fantasy Crisis Core, 1 Kingdom Hearts and One N:S... Damn need wall space. TGF dormroom huh? Got some wooden roses as well. Super pretty.

Watched Dexter Season Two! I love Dexter! Alot! I think it is the internal monolog... feels like Fight Club a bit... which i should read sometime...>.>

monday (9/15)
tuesday (9/16)
wednesday (9/17)
thursday (9/18)
friday (9/19)
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 Print Slides for EconASME Meeting at 5:30 Econ Exam
Monday (9/22)Tuesday (9/23)Wednesday (9/24)
Thrusday (9/25)
Friday (9/26)
Thermo WP DueCE ExamUnknownCE Hwk DueThermo Exam
Fluids WP DueLinear Hwk   

Other Things to do:
Update Mood Theme
Finish Prompts
New Background (?)
Pst C-01
Update User_i
Finish Fallen
Finish Tithe
Finish Valiant
Backup and Clear 2gigs

Reading Manga: Ranma 1/2 (Book 18 out of 38), Inuyasha (ch209 out of 558), Battle Royale (ch01 out of 119)
Book Count: 17

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Since I haven’t updated in like a Bazzillion years. Well okay I said happy birthday to myself but… meh.

Time for lists


Saturday- driving. Yuck yuck yuck. I drove from Needles to Victorville. It was a long and boring drive. I spent most of it counting semis. We stayed in Dolphin Cove resort, which is a block from Disneyland. We watched the fireworks from the balcony and planned out what we were going to do during our trip.

Sunday- SeaWorld. Free Willy damaged a generation who look at poor Shamu and think he is depressed. And 30 seals all barking for food is one of the scariest things I have ever seen. Shortly proceeded by the creepy chant/bowing thing that the people do to make Shamu splash. Super pretty in SeaWorld. We rode the Atlantis ride multiple times. I pet some manta rays.

Monday- DISNEYLAND! I LOVE DISNEYLAND! I rode Space Mountain for the first time. All the other times I have been to Disneyland it has been closed. Many many rides. I love it! We went on rollercoasters as well. It was sooo much fun! I love Disneyland!

Tuesday- Wild Animal Park! OMG BABY LIONS ARE SO CUTE! They are sooo adorable there are just no words. So cute! And sheep! And Deer! OMG PETTING ZOO! I love animals!

Wednesday- Universal Studios is awesome. Though ½ of it burned down two days before, so the tour kinda sucked. BUT MARVEL STORE! I GOT AN IRON MAN T-SHIRT! And some other things that will be in my birthday pile… lol

Thursday- DISNEYLAND! Cut short because my dog was not good. Parade that day though! I love Disneyland. Great day all around. I love Disneyland. Ate a delish tostada salad at the Mexican restaurant. Bought cellphone charms. I have a crown like Sora’s.

Friday- Drive back. Drove again. Made it back late at night. Ughness all around…


Birthday GIFTS/Self given gifts (still buying):


Two manga bought by others, both of which were new releases. One of which I was desperate for because omfg SAIYUKI FINALLY!

Plushie- my first plushie that is not shaped like a normal American stuffed animal.

Two shirts- one anime (first one for that too) and this awesome tank top backless hoodie thing. Linds mentioned it looked like Kairi’s hoodie thing in KH2. Totally awesome

Hair clip extension in a nice magenta color. I think I need more.

MOVIE IN TIN- Which is like yay.

Crisis CORE and SG from Dusty- purty… super purty…  like woah purty.

NUNH and NUNH2 for my PSP.

Two self bought manga- another one I have been craving and the latest in the craze.

Gaming case for PSP.


Wolverine T-Shirt!

Money, lots of money.

Borders Gift Card

Two very nice soft pretty shirts that are way totally awesome.

Kick ass bookmark


Very awesome dress for the wedding from Hot Topic.

High heels for the dress.

Linds has promised me something from Squeenix. We can’t remember what lol.


Mangas to read by the end of the summer for many reasons, ranging from recommendations to pure stubbornness:

Ranma ½


Dragon Drive



Eyeshield 21


Hunter x Hunter

Vampire Knight

I would do more but i have to get up for a plane ride in 5 hours to go to my Cousin Jennifer's wedding. Talk to you maybe there.


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