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Needless to say, today went much much better than yesterday.

To begin with, I made it through the entire day with my wallet intact and on my person. That is pretty good right there.

I had a lot of nothing today. I read all of Batman:RIP. It…. Really doesn’t make that much sense. I am kind of wondering if I am doing it wrong. Might need to find the back story for it because I am seriously confused about some parts. Though I know others, like Miss Jet.

I also finally managed to wander behind Pete without getting caught in 3whateverhalfdays.

I also got manhandled. I almost screamed when it happened because I am not used to being bodily moved by a guy who is twice my size, literally, especially when that extra me is 100% rugby muscle.

Other than that, I spent some time pining for the fact that I only have 15 userpics. I guess I need to steadily update before I can even talk myself into a paid account on lj. I mean really.

Uhm… I guess really all I want to do for the rest of the evening is read my comics I got yesterday and try not to read any spoilers. We’ll see how that works out.


Comic spending: $28 since 8/25
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Okay so today is pretty much the worst day ever, and the best day ever, But mostly the worst.

I lost my wallet today on my way to thermo. Lost it. And this meant I spent all of thermo hyperventilating and about to cry. I got home and it wasn’t there and so everything got cancelled, credit cards and everything. I paid 44.70 for a new drivers license and just… yeah it was bad. But then I got a message on facebook from someone who had found my wallet :D

I got to campus and everything was still there except for 2 bucks and I was okay with that loss. But that was 44 bucks gone and never to return. Oh well.

Today is my parents anniversary. Yay, though apparently their anniversary is totally cursed. I probably didn’t help this year.

I also do not have class on Friday except for seminar. YAY.

Went to astrozombies today after picking up my beloved wallet.

Action Comics #892

Batman #702

Detective Comics #868

Gotham City Sirens #15

Green Arrow #3

Justice League of America #48

Justice League: Generation Lost #8

Legion of Super-Heroes #4

Superman/Batman #75


Money Spent on Comic Books = $28

(for now, this creepy counter will do...)
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Today I helped Lindsay move into the dorms. It was quite exciting. She and Ann are sharing a room in Santa Ana. So far, no one has died though it is IMPOSSIBLE to open their door. I was kind of irked with this development. I managed to open it twice and we filled out a work order because the door is impossible.

I introduced the kiddies to Brickyard while we were there, which was pretty neat of me if I do say so myself.

AND THEN I got to buy comic books :

Action Comics #891

Batman Beyond #3

Batman: Streets of Gotham #15

Brightest Day #8

Green Lantern Corps #51

Justice Society of America #42

Supergirl #55

My days are seriously kind of boring. But I like them.


Comic Haul

Aug. 4th, 2010 10:45 pm
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So remember how I was like “oh woe is me no paycheck for forevers because UNM is nutty”? Well UNM was very very good and got my backpay for the last two months to me. So now I have money again.

I also went down to astrozombies today. I got into a conversation with one of the guys who works there and he decided I needed a pull box, to which I said awesome. And so now I have a pull box (which I forgot to add like 13 series) but I get 15% off of pretty much anything I buy, which is pretty awesome because this whole thing was going to get super expensive and now it is only going to get really expensive.

Also, October is going to be really freaking expensive.

Okay so… since this is the first Wednesday… let’s see what I bought today…

Batman Odyssey #2

Brightest Day #7

Red Hood: Lost Days #3

Red Robin #15

Secret Six #24

All in all, not that bad?



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