Aug. 3rd, 2010

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Met with Prof today to work on research. We didn’t meet for that long, which was nice, but I have even more books to read.

I don’t remember if I talked about what I am doing for my research so… here goes.

Basically, UNM has a shock tube in the ME building, and this shock tube is kind of one of a kind because it can be tilted and fired at several different angles (most shock tubes only go in x or y).

My research? I am going to be modeling how particles behave immediately after being hit by a shock, when they are being bombarded by random chaotic turbulent flow. And have I mentioned that this has never been attempted before? Yeah, this is going to suck. And be way way awesome. But mostly suck.

Anyway so I am spending the next few weeks reading articles about various other experiments and models based on resuspension of particles (basically, particles being pulled off of surfaces and joining some sort of fluid flow again). I get to take notes on them too. Essentially, I am reading the articles so the Prof doesn’t have to…

I am however getting 10 credit hours of schooling paid for, and a very nice stipend, though I have to wait for my back pay for the last two months. But yay for a paycheck!

In any case… that is my research in a nutshell… from what I understand… Joys :D

Tomorrow is Wednesday which means COMIC BOOKS :D



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