Jan. 30th, 2010

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I beat a game today.

Admittedly, it was a game that is supposed to be beaten in a relatively short amount of time as it is a search and find game but still, I beat it. I liked it too, even if the voice acting was pretty awful. But it was very pretty to look at. And most of the things that were hidden all over the place were actually reasonably hidden. Like it made sense for them to be there are opposed to Mystery Case Files where you kind of go WTF Why is that there?

I spent a lot of today catching up on things. And trying not to whimper because my shoulder aches. I finally realized that it was most likely caused by my fall yesterday. It hurts though and has made me kind of sad. My wrist also hurts but I am not sure how much of that is aggravated by me typing.

Also, movies that I like are now getting this treatment:

The Brothers Bloom (2009) || Starring: Mark Ruffalo, Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz || Directed by: Rian Johnson

One of the better con movies I have seen in a long time, with a bittersweet ending and a fantastic soundtrack.

|| Stephen and Bloom are brothers, who have been conning people since their childhood, with Stephen concocting elaborate stories for them to play out that play on people perfectly, controlling every aspect of the scenario from start to finish. He casts Bloom as the tragic antihero in his cons, until there is one con too many, and Bloom quits, to live on a tiny island in Montenegro.

Stephen finds him, with the help of the quiet Japanese “fifth Beatle” of the group, Bang Bang. They draw him into one final con. The target: filthy rich heiress and recluse Penelope Stamp who hardly ever leaves her home or talks to people and spends her life collecting hobbies. She can skateboard, juggle chainsaws, and make pinhole cameras out of watermelons. And as the con plays out, the brothers realize that she is far more unpredictable than any mark they have ever played. ||

The casting in this movie was awesome. Rinko Kikuchi does a fantastic job as the essentially mute throughout the story Bang Bang, making her a felt presence throughout the film, and a likeable character. Mark Ruffalo plays the master conman to perfection, with the right amount of charm, wit and intelligence, as well as the unassuming air that allows you to be constantly surprised by how well he planned the entire con. Adrien Brody is wonderful as Bloom, sympathetic and still a conman. The two actors together have a great rapport, picking on each other and playing off each other as conmen, partners and brothers. One moment that sticks out the most in my mind that I think exemplifies is a scene where Bloom is confronted by their old Mentor, who (by implication) sexually abused Bloom as a child. Brody acts the scene with the right amount of tension and wide eyed fear to convey the implication without stating it. And Ruffalo comes to the rescue as the big brother, attacking the man relentlessly and without any hesitation. And Rachel Weisz! She played the eccentric heiress with such strange quirks perfectly. She learned how to do card tricks and how to skateboard and played the social awkwardness perfectly, and the progression of the character throughout the story felt natural.

Finally, the con. Now, my favorite thing about con movies, apart from the strange cast that ultimately gathers to pull off the perfect con, is the con itself. This movie has many cons throughout it, starting with the first con done by the brothers as children. But the con of this movie was one where you weren’t sure if you were being conned at all the entire time. How much exactly did the brothers plan? How much did they count on happening? What was reaction and how much was deliberate action? The con was so complex and so wonderfully done that it worked out to perfection.

A fantastic con movie, start to bittersweet finish.


Reading: Dead Until Dark
Book count: 2 == 2%
Wordcount = 6500/10000 == 65.00%
Quote of the day: "There's actually a nack to this. If you're trying to fast-track to a mark's sympathies, there's nothing quite as effective as having your first conversation be from a hospital bed... they put you in." ~Bloom, The Brothers Bloom (2009)


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