Jan. 29th, 2010

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Happy Birthday Adam Lambert!

Dusty mentioned it. It’s in my brain until I DIE or find something to overwrite that data.

So today (in my actual classes) was pretty dull. We went over the homework in controls, and then I worked on the outline some more in stats. In dynamics I worked on the outline (mostly finished the basics of it too I think) and started trying to brainstorm how I wanted to do the chapters and things. Overall, class wise, very dull.

Non class wise? Not so much. I show up to stats, ready to comfort and hug the living hell out of Dusty and she says something along the lines of “so I thought today was going to be a total fail and then guess who I saw?” Yep DOPPLEGANGER! Apparently Doppleganger is in the classroom across the hall from during stats. This pretty much made my week (and after my epic win of 5000 words on Tuesday, pretty damn impressive). I caught a glimpse of him when we left and it made me joyously happy. Looks like someone is in the running once again for Epic Thing of the Year.

I also managed to buy pretty much my body weight in snack food. Yay for getting ready for the superbowl. I also got complimented for my hair to quote: “I walked past you earlier and I had to do a double check because your hair is simply the most gorgeous color I have ever seen”. Yeah feel pretty special. I also got told not to let the boys shove me out of engineering by a nice man in the parking lot of McDonalds. Then I came home, and Lindsay and I went on an epic quest to Petco, Petsmart and Best Buy. I now have Movie 4 and Mystery Case Files. I am pretty stoked.

I also went and played with Dusty today. We ate with her dad while we watched The Bourne Identity, which is still epic and awesome. We then dropped something off with her mother and then went to Target to buy her makeup. And then we went to village inn and had some of that awesome pie stuff. Srsly delish. During this whole thing we talked about the downfallrpg and decided that we should rewrite it. It’s going to be pretty epic

I also told her about my conversation with Fernando about the presence of robot dragons that transform in my potentially really really long fanfiction. I say that I feel like I should work it in as some sort of homage, maybe in a dream or something. She replies with “work it in after the mansex and then give it to him and be like ‘hey, you wanted transforming robot dragons’.” I am half tempted to do so, but maybe not give it to him, as I still want him to be you know… alive and undamaged.

Only downer part of my night was being taken out by Holly. Luckily I didn’t resprain my ankle. I just bruised my entire left side. And luckily she went “OH FOOD ON THE FLOOR” and not “OH NYSSA ON THE FLOOR”.


Reading: Dead Until Dark
Book count: 2 == 2%
Wordcount = 6500/10000 == 65.00%
Quote of the day: “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”~Friedrich Nietzsche


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