Jan. 28th, 2010

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I am once again back into school. I know this because my homework is making me so frustrated, I want to throw it across the room.

We met with our professor for design. The ideas he liked were: automatic belay device, moped bike, steady cam. Other than that, don’t really care anymore. Moving on.

Design for manufacturability homework was turned in today. I spent all of class outlining my apparently 26 chapter fanfiction of possibly +100000 words. Fernando leans over mid class and whispers “whatcha doing?” After a moment of flailing, I write:

story idea

But left the whole writing fanfiction part out of it. As it is a Merlin Fanfiction, the fact that Fernando immediately replies with

you should have robot dragons that transform

Really really funny. After a moment of smothered laughter, I reply with:

there are dragons

Which gets me a revised statement of

you should have robot dragons that transform

I just smiled indulgently at him and wrote

I’ll try.

Controls is not going well. Fernando and I managed the first two and the last one very well, but failed at the third in a pretty epic manner. We did the dynamics homework and called it a night (I also cleaned up my dorm room and used my ihome while I did it. And I listened to some fanmixes. Bound still has the most awesome cover).

Dusty apparently has had a very exciting night that leaves me nervous and a bit upset (I am not sure how much of that is exacerbated by the Controls Fail). Hug Time Tomorrow I think.

Fernando tells me I should coat my room in paper and do art all over it. I am half way tempted. Also I need to remember to bring my Alice poster next week.


Reading: Dead Until Dark
Book count: 2 == 2%
Wordcount = 6500/10000 == 65.00%
Quote of the day: “He hoped and prayed that there wasn't an afterlife. Then he realized there was a contradiction involved here and merely hoped that there wasn't an afterlife.”~Douglas Adams


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