Jan. 27th, 2010

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I haven’t touched the fic. I am kind of proud of myself but it is calling to me like a freaking siren and I am trying to not listen. I reread it anyway and discovered that the finger cramps seriously impeded my ability to type words that I meant to type.

Also, sometimes, my sentences get weird late at night or when I am typing for speed rather than coherency.
Today was a lot of working on design for manufacturability. I got it sent off though to Mike’s capable hands and it shall be totally out of my domain tomorrow, which is nice and awesome.

I also finished Searching for Dragons during Dusty’s econ class. I started up Dead Until Dark again. Which I like a lot, and I don’t want to kill our hero chick thingy. Weird right?

Anyway, Dusty is still nuts about Adam Lambert. I am kind of still mostly apathetic, but I understand the appeal. It doesn’t help that his music sneaks up on me in the dark and gets stuck in my head to the point that only repeated blasts of Disturbed will rescue me.

He is very Sparkly though. Like… srsly. Also, now have For Your Entertainment stuck in my head. Looks like it is time for some more INDESTRUCTABLE.


Reading: Dead Until Dark
Book count: 2 == 2%
Wordcount = 6497/10000 == 64.97%
Quote of the day: “Some rise by sin, and some by virtue fall.”~William Shakespeare


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