Jan. 13th, 2010

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So, tomorrow I take the GREs. And I am still up, terrified to sleep and talking to my laptop obsessively. Yes, to my laptop, not to myself.

So today was pretty awesome. I went out to lunch with Fernando and Krista and Dusty. Dusty was an unexpected surprise, as she originally said that she would come be social, and it would be after our original meeting time, but she got there before me even! I was very glad to see everyone before the test tomorrow though. Gives me hope that the world will not end in 24hrs.

Fernando and I also used this occasion to exchange our very late Christmas gifts. I now have my own Kingdom Hearts Shirt. He knew just what to get me. We talked school and GRE trials and all kinds of things.

I also watched Supernatural, even though I really should have read or something productive, though at this point, I don’t think it would do me much good. The Supernatural eps were some of the ones I had been waiting for though, so I am way stoked. Sadly, this means the supernatural wiki is open in firefox again.

I have also started to notice that I am using two different browsers for apparently no reason. I think I am using chrome because when I use chrome for facebook, my computer doesn’t start whirrrrrrring at me. And I use it for LJ posting too. I think I just like how much bigger the window is so I can… get the aesthetics or something. Only complaint is that the Rich Text won't let me copy/paste from other sources.

Okay, I got to bed (or listen to podfic and breath deeply). Here’s to the GREs. Be kind to me. (Quote of the day may not be the best one for today/tomorrow)


Reading: Good Omens
Book count: 1 == 1%
Wordcount = 1491/10000 == 14.91%
Quote of the day: "There's no higher power, there's no God. There's just chaos and violence, random unpredictable evil, that comes outta nowhere, rips you to shreds." ~ Dean, 2x13 Houses of the Holy, Supernatural


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