Jan. 6th, 2010

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 I finally got around to having plot occur (which makes me think of userpics that say silly things like "Plot Occurs") in Assassin's Creed II. Ezio is now totally grief stricken and upset and LEARNING THE WAYS OF THE COURTESAN! Yes, you read that right. Literally the name of the memory sequence. I snorted code red up my nose the first time around. Very bad all things considered. Ezio got picked on by the lovely scantily clad women and then, we went to go play with Leonardo Da Vinci, who I enjoy. 

Dusty and I left shortly afterward (which wow, great timing!) and went shopping, which was awesome because there were no teenagers and no crowds. I bought things from many places, now listed blow because, well, it's more exciting if I list things instead of just having them happen.

Charlotte Russe: 1 Ring, 1 Bracelet, 1 Shirt
Sam Goody: One box of Pocky
Hot Topic: Rorschach shirt, and like 5 flair pins (Geek, Danny Phantom, Little Mermaid, Dexter, Milk I am Your Father)
GameStop: Assassin's Creed (for Fernando)

Then I played with Dusty for a long time, and was fed yummy food after a shopping trip with Cait that took us to hobby lobby and took me to Hastings, where I got a copy of Prototype. So YAY for a new game that I will probably not finish before school starts. And really, I have like... 5 other games to complete as well.

Now, as to why I hate Elk. Fernando called while I was standing in Hot Topic, weighed down by my spoils of shopping war. He had texted me earlier when I was like "What do you want, because srsly?" and he was like "In Doctor, Call you in 20". Fernando was in a car accident Monday night, with an Elk. Apparently, they were going like 60 at 11 at night and this elk just steps in out into the road and takes out the driver's side. No one was hurt badly thankfully. But the driver got cuts and Fernando, who was seated behind the driver, got hit with all the glass from the exploding driver's side window. And some of it got into his eyes! Hence the doctor's appointment, to get glass removed from his eyes! His girlfriend was fine as well, thanks to Fernando's chivalric streak, and they managed to get to Los Alamos okay, but STILL! I must have been making some pretty upset faces because Dusty was watching me and kind of mirroring them back to me. Also, I seemed ot only be repeating Fernando ("A WRECK?".... "ELK!?"...."YOUR EYES?!?"). This is why I am no longer a fan of Elk...

Now, time for bed I think.... or at least time for me to crawl towards bed, at which point I shall organize, or something.


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Quote of the day: "Men must be free to do what they believe. It is not our right to punish one for thinking what they do, no matter how much we disagree!" ~Altair, Assassin's Creed 


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