Jan. 4th, 2010

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 So, I am studying for the GRE exam. This is what I learned today, having taken the diagnostic exam that tells you, essentially, what your weak points are. It's a real GRE exam though, but it has heavily explained answers and things like that. In any case, I took the diagnostic exam. I got a 690 on the verbal and a 700 on the math part. To put this in perspective, the UT Austin ME Grad department has an average verbal score of 550ish, and an average math portion score of 770. So, yay for being well balanced, but I need to get my math up higher. And I made two stupid mistakes too (there are 30 (v) questions in 30 minutes and 28 (q) questions in 38 minutes). So I missed 5 and 4 questions respectively. So, I now know that Bar Graphs eff me up, and I need to learn how to read them. But other than that, I didn't have too hard a time with the math. No calculators, so everything has to be done by hand and it's mostly simple algebra, which i can pathetically do off the top of my head since it's all that I seem to do after all the crappy stuff like integration and table lookup happens. I also knew most of the words in the verbal section, except for a few, and learned a nice technique. My brain tends to wire words together, in groupings as it were, based on some sort of similarity, similar to antonym/synonym. So even if two words are not technically synonyms, I will group them together in my head, which should make analogies and antonyms easier, even if I do not know the words involved.

I also returned to Assassin's Creed II today. Ezio and I are trying to finish up my last game (I have like 15 more missions for an almost entirely complete DNA string {I can't get all the secret locations, unless I wish to pay for them}). But I think I shall restart it tomorrow, from the beginning. I also am now going to compare our two heroes.

Master AssassinBaby Assassin
Doesn't work well in teamsLOVES TEAMS SO MUCH
White RobesFashionista
One Liner KingIs just win

Though really, I love them both, for different reasons. Ezio is just so expressive, and in the first sequence of the game, he is hoodless, and so you see everything, every face and eye twitch and silly facial expression. His accent (or the voice actor's version) is also one of the first Italian accents that I do not despise instantly. He's Ezio! He get's bossed around by his mother, protective of little brother and avenges his sister's social wounding. He's different from Altair, but no less fun. Though, Altair will always be my master assassin. 

I like fresh faced Ezio at the beginning who is like "Brotherhood of assassins?... what are assassins?" He and Altair go on similar journeys, though interestingly, Ezio is following Altair's path. You get Altair's armor (which was the best part of the game for me) and find out what happens to Altair after the game through his diaries. Altair goes on a journey of self discovery, as well as the dissolution of everything he has held dear for the entirety of his life. Ezio has his whole life destroyed, and then goes on his own journey of self discovery. Altair remembers how to be an assassin, and Ezio learns how to be and assassin.

No more meta tonight I think... I wrote! One more reason to go off and make a creative journal. I am trying to decide if I want it to be a comm or a journal, because one of them involves signing on and off (yes, I am that lazy). We'll see.


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Quote of the day: "Speak to me or speak to God" ~Altair, Assassin's Creed


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