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Lindsay has moved into the dorms. She seems to be taking to it much better than myself. I am sort of jealous, but at the same time, I know it is in her character. I wonder when she’ll be back. I suppose eventually she’ll run out of clothes.

I have had yet more pizza. I think I am going to be very sick of pizza by the time I “grow up”. I mean really now.

I also am realizing slowly that my Fernando is missing. Really really missing. And that in his missingness, I will be down 2/3 of my best friends. And that is kind of difficult to think about for prolonged periods of time.
I have promised myself not to whine about it, or sulk too much. That’s rather childish and really, I have dealt with Sarah being gone for far longer without feeling the urge to bring it up on every possible occasion, except to remind that yes, I do know how it feels to be separated from my best friend.

In other news, Dusty is obsessed with Smallville Green Arrow. Who stubbornly refuses to wear a mask. So I kind of hate him… but he suffers from “He’s Ollie” syndrome and that doesn’t help his cause. If he was wearing a mask and a bit better at protecting his identity I would like him much more.



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