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Santa Fe!

So I got to go to Santa Fe today. I got to ride the Rail Runner too. I am not a huge fan of trains (been on one, been on them all, time to pull out a book) but it was exciting for a while. After that it was way more interesting to people watch.

People are odd on trains.

But we got to Santa Fe and rode a very crowded bus thing to the plaza. We ate at this place called the Burrito Café or something, but it was delicious. I had like a huge green chile cheese burger. Oh my god was it good and the onions were like perfect and wow. Just… wow. It was amazing.

We went to the Palace of the Governors, which was pretty neat. Lots of nice exhibits and interactive ones too. We went on the tour and then I ran wild very quickly. We also went through an exhibit called Wild at Heart, which was traumatizing but about wolves and a nice crazy man who decided he no longer wanted to watch them slowly die in traps. Go figure.

We went up to the church, which I have actually never been in. I am fond of churches. They are one of the few places that I feel… forced isn’t the right word but I feel… something with God. Other times it’s a moment that is rather unexpected. I especially like churches when there isn’t anyone there. The church had people in it, but as the church could probably hold 1000+, 50 people was pretty much empty.

We then made it back to the train, which was late, which is impressive as Santa Fe? Last stop on the line. Eventually we got on and got everyone all situated and spent the trip home looking at the free booklets I picked up. I am going to use the pictures to decorate my office I think.

We finally made it home amongst rain and all such lovely things, but we made it home :D



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